Fendi pays homage to Rome with Giuseppe Penone's Foglie di Petra

Following Giuseppe Penone’s Matrice exhibition hosted at Fendi’s headquarters in Rome’s Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, Fendi installs a new site specific artwork by the artist entitled Foglie di Pietra in Largo Goldoni. Thus, FENDI renews and highlights its undying bond with Rome by gifting the city and its people important artwork from one of the most celebrated contemporary sculptors.

Foglie di Petra (Leaves of Stone, 2016) is one of Penone’s most complex artworks: two tall bronze trees standing at 18 and 9 metres respectively, interlace their branches five metres above an 11-tonne sculpted marble rock. Archaeology and ruins, history and biology are intertwined with one another bringing attention to the permanent bond between nature and culture. A celebration of a deep synthesis between the flowing of natural and human time through a longing and romantic nostalgia for lost civilisations.

Through virtuous use of precious materials such as bronze and marble, Penone’s Foglie di Petra recalls the illusionism and marvel of Roman Baroque, while the fragments and the ruins inserted in the sculpture’s branches harken back to the Classic and Medieval era. What’s more, the artwork is the first oeuvre of a contemporary artist to be permanently installed in Rome’s public spaces and is bound to become a symbol of the identity of an ever-changing city that remains steadfastly linked to its historical roots.


The world through Henk Schiffmacher’s “camereyes”

When Texas, Henk Schffmacher's daughter discovered her father's old 35mm negatives in a dusty drawer, she knew they had to be exposed for the world to see.

Dutch tattoo artist, Henk Schiffmacher has become known for his energetic and observational photographic work that is now being collected and exhibited for the first time ever. Highlighting the best and worst facets of modern society, this eclectic ensemble of pictures is a real representation of the world we live in through Schiffmacher's camera.

Taken between 1970 and 1985 these pictures give us a raw insight into the world of youths, bikers and tattoo fetishists from all around the globe – from Las Vegas, L.A., Amsterdam, and Tokyo to Mumbai, Manila, San Francisco and Kuala Lumpur.

This makes for an interesting juxtaposition: a wild mix of cultures, nationalities and excess against the backdrop of vintage cityscapes and timeless scenarios. Schiffmacher's photography offers a unique and brilliant view of the world as it was four decades ago.

Pure, direct and unprecedented just like photography should be.


Fondation Louis Vuitton To Exhibit ICONS OF MODERN ART

ICONS OF MODERN ART – The Shchukin Collection will be exposed at the Fondation Louis Vuitton later this year, paying tribute to Russian art collection Sergei Shchukin. Moscow-born Shchukin was an industrialist before getting involved with Parisian art evolutions, like the impressionist, post-impressionist and modern movements, which resulted in becoming one of the most radical art collection of the 20th century. Thanks to contribution of the Hermitage Museum and Pushkin Museum, this exhibition will be able to showcase 130 art pieces from Shchukin’s archive, including works of Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh, along many more. The exhibition, generally curated by Anne Baldassari with help from Shckukin’s grandson André-Marc Delocque Fourcaud, has a culture programme encircling, focussing on dance and music and the artistic relationship between France and Russia commencing early last century, which is still relevant today.

The exhibition will run from October 22nd until February 20th 2017.


Fifth Edition Unseen Photo Fair

The fifth edition of Unseen Photo Fair is coming to Amsterdam this September. Unseen Photo Fair will display never before seen artworks of new and established photographers, such as Isaac Julien, Anton Corbijn and Antoine d’Agata, in Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. 53 galleries and more than 150 artists from across the globe will be exhibiting during the fair. As well as this, there's a on-site programme filled with debates, readings and various activities. A week before the fair, Unseen Festival will kick off for its second edition and is located in Spaarndammerbuurt. Unseen is proud to announce it's curators for their campaign this year as being art-duo Christto Sanz & Andrew Weir. While from completely different backgrounds [Puorto Rico & South Africa] their work compliments each other, they two both have a stylised and colourful approach to creating their art in which they question the identity of today's society. The Unseen Photo Festival will be running from 16th - 25th September, the Photo Fair from 23rd - 25th of September.


Kour Pour's Onnagata in Berlin

At Berlin's Gnyp Gallery, artist Kour Pour intersects Europe's fascination with Japanese culture with the art themes of fragility, instability and deconstruction. What at first sounds like a mismatched mixture inevitably makes sense in the artist's latest display “Onnagata”, presented at the Berlin gallery from April 24th onwards. The title is taken from the Japanese word used to describe male kabuki actors playing female roles in Japanese theatre. It stands as a metaphor for the shifting of meaning inhabited by tectonic plates, which also play a significant role in the exhibition's DNA. Pour applied the laborious, physical and ritualistic process of making tectonic paintings, inspired by volcano maps used by the Japanese Geological survey. The result is a range of artworks that allude to Japanese Ukiyo-e prints, an art form that already fascinated the likes of Van Gogh, Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec. The works share a visual resemblance with contemporary abstraction embedded in an European and American tradition. With Onnagata, Kour Pour brilliantly links a Japenese manufacturing process with an aesthetic rooted in Western culture. It's a connection that sets a spark, like a volcano erupting. If we were Kour Pour, we would have been inspired, too.


Leaves of Stone: Guiseppe Penone at Gagosian Hong Kong

January 21st, 2016 marks the start of the first ever Hong Kong exhibition of Italian artist Guiseppe Penone. “Foglie di Pietra/Leaves of Stone” displays key works from the past decade. The exhibition's title was inspired by the eponymous art piece from 2013: a series of sculptures made of bronze tree branches and found fragments of eighteenth century ornamental stonework that on the other hand were also inspired by vegetal forms. This interdependence is no rare occurrence in Penone’s work: especially the tree and its relationship to man seem to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. In a work phase of over 40 years, Penone has assembled a splendid collection of art works on his CV. His pieces mark the persistence of biological life while reimagining nature in the artificial way. “Leaves of Stone” is set to run until March 21, 2016. The opening reception will be held on the opening date from 6-8 pm.


Florian Roithmayr at Camden Arts Centre

December 12th, sees the start of the new Florian Roithmayr exhibition “with, and, or, without” in London. Set to run until March 6th, 2016, at the Camden Arts Centre, the exhibition focuses on material changes in the process of making. Those changes depict the interdependence of materials and surfaces as well as featuring the unexpected gestures that happen between mold and cast. For this particular exhibition, Roithmayr has dared what only few artists would consider themselves capable of: after having set up certain parameters, he handed over the control of the exhibitions configuration to the front of the house. This means that the placement of Roithmayr’s work will change daily at the “gusto” of another person. And to that, we can only tip our hats.


Miami Beach Art Basel

Catherine Sullivan with George Lewis and Sean Griffin: Afterword via Fantasia (2015)

Louise Nevelson, Untitled, 1964. (Photo: Courtesy of © 2015 Estate of Louise Nevelson/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York)

In this year’s Miami Art Basel, 267 major galleries from all over North and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa will exhibit some of contemporary and Modern art’s most significant pieces alongside the field’s most prominent emerging names. Kicking off on December 3, 2015, paintings, sculptures, films and more will display must-see pieces from the likes of Anselm Kiefer and Louise Nevelson, whilst the Rubell Family Collection “No Man’s Land: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection” will exhibit over 100 different female artists. Not only will there be dramatic installations and large-scale artworks, but the four-day-fair also presents a number of cultural events and performances, so make sure to check out the calendar!

The Art Basel at Miami Beach is on from December 3 to December 6, 2015.

Mircea Suciu -The deceiver - 2015 - 40 x 58 cm - oil, acrylic and monoprint on linen

RICHARD PRINCE, Untitled (cartoon), 2015, inkjet and silkscreen on canvas, 73 1/4 × 55 inches (186.1 × 139.7 cm) © Richard Prince. Photo by Rob McKeever


Absolut Art

Since Absolut Vodka became active within the art world over thirty years ago, the liquor giant has collaborated with more than 600 artists and worked on around 900 commissioned works worldwide. 2014 saw the brand extend to create the currently Stockholm-based Absolut Art – an online platform dedicated to establishing the value of art in everyday life to be as important as music. In banishing the intimidating confines of museum walls, the site opens up the world of art collecting to the public and bridges the gap between artist and appreciator.

In perfect timing for Christmas, Absolut Art are launching Germany’s own version of the site with expertly and locally curated artworks from over 40 selected German artists, such as Gregor Hildebrandt, Paul McDevitt and Stef Heidhues. With the site constantly updating, there are artworks of all types to be discovered on the coming website and added to your office or home.

November, 2015, sees the launch of the Absolut Art German website along with the “Absolute Art Apartment popup Experience”, a series of accompanying events held in Berlin, which are yet to be announced.


Twice Light – New York

In marking the occasion of the 2015 NY Design Week, Italian artist Gianluca Vassallo conducted his photographic social project: Twice Light. Travelling around the city, the “one to watch” in his field of current emerging contemporary designers, Vassallo studied the relational impact of placing two strangers under a light for a full minute. This was with the aim of temporarily uniting them and thus forming small communities, whilst visually creating an extraordinary profile of New York.

These communities may have only lasted for a brief period, but the “Twice as Twiggy” lamp used throughout the project and erected in various public spaces in the city, is proving to be around for a lot longer. This is after achieving global success as a novel icon of interior design. Influenced by the plasticity of a fishing rod, the floor lamp was created in 2006 by Marc Sadler for the lighting company Foscarini, who now offer an enlarged version lighting up large spaces.

The “Twice Light – New York” exhibition, containing 120 images presented under the Twice as Twiggy lamp, is currently on show at the Spazio Soho, New York.


Damien Hirst Opens the Newport Street Gallery with John Hoyland's "Power Stations"

After three years in production and around £25 million of his own money, Damien Hirst will finally open the Newport Street Gallery in Lambeth, London. Spreading itself over five buildings along one street, the gallery was designed by Caruso St. John and includes the renovation of three Victorian listed buldings, which before the second world war also served as galleries.

Newport Street Gallery will house over 3,000 works from Hirst’s personal collection and includes the likes of Francis Bacon and Tracy Emin. Alongside already established artists will be works from the new generation of emerging artists and from indigenous artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast.

The opening exhibition, displayed in all of the five buildings, will be a retrospective collection of works from the iconic abstract painter, John Hoyland (1934-2011), who has not featured in a major solo exhibition for nearly ten years.

The Newport Street Galleries will open to the public on October 8, 2015, in London. John Hoyland’s “Power Stations” will exhibit here until 3 April, 2016.


Unseen Photo Fair and Festival 2015

Founded by FOAM Fotographiemuseum, Platform A and Creative Agency Vandejong in 2012, Amsterdam’s Unseen International Photo Fair and Festival returns this year for the fourth time.

Celebrating emerging talent in the field of contemporary photography, the fair exhibits new artists alongside current work from already established photographers. Todd Hido, Jean-François Lepage and Inka & Niclas will be amongst the artists featuring around the old gasworks location, Westergasfabriek, whilst Peter Puklus provides the official artwork for this year’s campaign as part of his current project “The Epic Love Story of a Warrior”.

With the opportunity to engage and contribute your own artistic thoughts and expression through a number of debates and lectures throughout the 3-day fair, the international event brings together a wealth of photography enthusiasts and professionals. This year’s edition includes 54 galleries, the Unseen Book market along with the presentation of two awards; the Unseen Dummy Award and the ING | Unseen Talent Award.

The Unseen Photo Fair runs in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek between September 18 and 20, 2015. The Festival, which is accessible with an Unseen ticket, continues until September 27, 2015.


Wish us Luck! LeadAwards Announce ZOO Magazine as a Contender TWICE for Upcoming 2015 Medal

Hailed as Europe’s’ most significant photography awards, LeadAwards have announced ZOO Magazine as being nominated twice for the prestigious award. Each nomination will feature in the prestigious LeadAwards exhibition at the “Haus der Photography”, which is known to host around 40,000 visitors.

Miron Zownir presents one nomination with her Berlin Noir in ZOO Magazines’ Tenth Anniversary and Berlin Special, Issue 45. The series sees her depiction of Berlin in a post-war ruin, calling it “the Mecca of the Renegades and Penniless”. She shoots working-class citizens in their natural environment of Berlins’ then desolate, urban landscape.

Bryan Adams’ visual representation of “Helmut Berger”, taken from Issue 43’s interview, presents the other nominee for the award. Shooting a day in the life of Berger, Adams offers a striking collection bursting with Bergers’ larger than life personality.

The LeadAwards exhibition will run at the “Haus der Fotografie” in the Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, from September 19 until November 15, 2015.

The winners of the LeadAwards will be announced three weeks after the exhibitions’ opening. Winners will be awarded at the LeadAwards ceremony on October 15, 2015.


Recontres d’Arles Photography Fair 2015

From the 6th of July to the 20th of September, the annual summer photography festival in Arles will showcase a number of specially designed exhibitions to the public.
The festival prides itself in its variety, having multiple projects running simultaneously throughout the city. From exhibitions, to sites, and artists, the artistic direction works towards fulfilling this kaleidoscopic construction. This year, the photography fair will center on the worlds of music, film and architecture, hoping to blaze the fires of cultural introspection – acting as an x-ray of photographic creation, paired with a festive heart.


Nordic Contemporary: “Too Much Of A Good Thing”

A temporary space at the Republique in Paris is set to house a formative group exhibition of artists from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The Nordic gathering of ten Scandinavian artists, will exhibit paintings, sculptures, drawings and videos, presented through the artists’ unique interpretations. Beyond the mere geographical commonality of the artists, they are connected by their interest in the intersection of high and low culture, the polished and raw and the natural and clinical.

Founded, directed and curated by artist Andreas Emenius and cultural entrepreneur Jacob Valdemar, the series of changing exhibitions intend to showcase contemporary Scandinavian art in this satellite extension of the Copenhagen and Stockholm origins through diverse media. Mapping links between traditional and newer movements, the exhibition aims at delving into art that exists somewhere between self-reflection and self-expression.

Sebastian Helling, UNTITLED (AFFECTION), 2015
Jenni Hiltunen, Filmstill from "Grind", 2012
Rolf Nowotny, Bumbling Through the Night II, 2014
Erik Jeor, Icône VI, 2015

If you are a fan of Scandinavian art and contemporary culture then save the date for the Nordic Contemporary Paris Art Exhibition!

Nordic Contemporary opens Thursday May 28th till June 7th 2015 on rue du Château d’Eau 14 in Paris.


Milan Opening of Fondazione Prada Art Center

The industrial complex and former Società Italiana Spiriti distillery made for an imposing yet grand setting for the May 3rd opening of Fondazione Prada, the OMA-designed art center in Milan. With attendees such as Hans-Ulrich Obrist, curator of the Serpentine, artist Damien Hirst and filmmaker Steve McQueen, the creative world were out in full force. The new permanent venue is the result of a reinvigoration project developed by architectural giant OMA, with the aim of expanding upon the spatial typologies in which art can be exhibited. With Rem Koolhaas at the helm, the architectural configuration is a composite of seven existing buildings dating back to the 1910’s with three added structures, the Podium, Cinema and Torre.

Created in 1993, Fondazione Prada’s philosophy of analysing the present is made possible through various creative platforms including contemporary art exhibitions, architecture, cinema and philosophical projects. Curated by several departments and headed by Muccia Prada, Patrizio Bertelli and Gemano Celant, the space is constructed around the idea of creative knowledge exchange and enhanced learning.

Exhibits are put on in various forms, the upcoming ‘Serial Classic’, and ‘Portable Classic’ projects, birthed by Salvatore Settis, taking on the subject of classical Greek-Roman statuary reproduction, whilst their new Bar Luce, conceived by film director Wes Anderson, reconstructs the classical Milanese café through a cinematic lens. The Fondazione Prada is an all-encompassing experience of the creative life – a dynamism reflecting the combined expertise of its creators and contributors.

The Milan venue of Fondazione Prada will open to the public on Saturday 9 May 2015, with the exhibition Portable Classic (9 May – 13 September 2015).


New Work by Adam Pendleton at Pace Gallery London

Conceptualist Adam Pendleton is presenting new work at the Pace Gallery in London. From the 16th of April until the 23rd of May, the gallery is open for visitors. This multi-disciplinary artist has been known for using different media such as silkscreen printing, painting and video. To see what he has been up to, make sure not to miss this exhibition.


Un Mondo Nuovo by Ennio Capasa

Swapping the stoic classicism of Milan for the pulsing pace of Tokyo in the early eighties must have confronted quite a culture shock to a young Ennio Capasa. After completing his studies in Southern Italy, Capasa, just twenty years old, uprooted to Tokyo to work under the ultimate avant-gardist, Yohji Yamamoto, for three years, before returning to Italy to establish his own inimitable label, CoSTUME NATIONAL.

The leap was a lucrative one, an experience every bit as surreal as the aesthetic he was augmenting. Fulfilling a promise he had made to Fumi Yamamoto, Yohji’s mother, Capasa has released a book, Japan: A New World (Un Mondo Nuovo), immortalising his time spent in Japan – a chapter of his life which cast the die for his instinctively polyhedral work.

As an exceptional extension to the book, from 11th December 2014, Un Mondo Nuovo will illustrate the tale with the launch of its dedicated internet platform and parallel Instagram and Tumblr channels. The global interactive diary serves as a sensory mood board, exposing an fresh facet of Capasa’s intellect and experience, brought to life by videos, sound and news unearthed from the unpublished archive of a master who has ceaselessly innovated for over 25 years.


Launch of Saatchi Gallery / Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools 2015

'The Babysitter' by Rosie Rendles. 2014 shortlist.

This year's 'Saatchi Gallery / Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools' is now open for submissions. The globally-oriented competition aims to encourage and guide emerging artists by providing them with a platform to present their work. Primary, secondary and sixth form schools from all over the world are welcome to enter as many students as they wish, provided they are up to 18 years old. It should be noted that there are no restrictions on the medium used.

The winning school's art department will receive a £10,000 prize, and an additional £2,000 will be awarded to the winning student.

The deadline for entries is 13 January, 2015.

'Journeys' by Matt Rooney. 2014 shortlist.

'Feeling: A Frog in the Sewer' by Victoria Ji-Soo Han. 2014 shortlist.


Larry Clark: Doing it for the Kids

Chronicler of Teenage Nihilism Larry Clark will have his archive of 20 years of filmography available to purchase at  London’s Simon Lee Gallery.

The American film director famous for 1995 cult film 'Kids' and his photography book 'Tulsa' delves into youth culture, creating intruiging, insightful and influential work.

Described as "young, naive and stupid" by 'Kids' star Leo Fitzpatrick, the archive features unseen snapshots as well as inner city skateboarders, topless teenagers and general angst and delinquency. On Clarks provocative and nostalgic body of work, Fitzpatrick goes on to describe the archive as "one of Larry Clark’s most personal shows" and an opportunity to view each photograph as if it were one of your own. Each image will be £100 each and available from 1th July.


Paolo Roversi Secrets

Being showcased from 16th May to 21st June 2014, fashion photographer Paolo Roversi’s exhibition "Secrets” will be displayed at the Camera Obscura Gallery in Paris.  

Providing an element of intimacy, the photographs consist of portraits, nudes and self-portraits. They depict a mesmerizing presence and are influenced by everything from Byzantine Ravenna to Roversi’s childhood.

Roversi is one of the biggest names in fashion photography and his book ‘Secrets’ first published in October 2013 was an immediate success with 1500 copies selling out. The exhibition will be open from 12h - 19h on Tuesday to Friday and 11h - 19h on Saturday.


Berlin Art Weekend

From the 2nd May to the 4th May, Berlin Art Weekend will take place with 50 participating galleries consisting of art, architecture, art production and film. It shines light on Berlin’s exciting, exquisite and accomplished art scene and gives exposure to talented and intriguing artists.

 Zofia Kulik

 Tim Eitel

Now in its tenth year, the event has become a prime source for contemporary art in Germany and attracts 1000 visitors from art collectors to enthusiasts from all over the world. With an eclectic fuse of art on show, Berlin Art Weekend offers a fun and inspiring weekend not to be missed.

 Dennis Scholl


Dias Digital Kunsthal

Creatively showcasing digital and interactive art in a setting that we are all familiar with, the DIAS Digital Kunsthal aims to “make art a vivid part of life” by exhibiting an interactive art exhibition in a public train station just outside of Copenhagen.  

Aiming to engage and inspire everyday commuters, the project will display the works of 10 national and international artists in the digital art field and aspires to incorporate art into reality. Curator of DIAS Rasmus Vestergaard describes the designated train station “as a platform that creates artistic value and content”. He went on to say that the project creates “a possibility to use contemporary art as a resource in our daily lives.”

This interesting concept allows regular viewers an insight into the exciting world of interactive art and gives a location usually just quickly passed by a new meaning. The new museum opened on 3rd April and will provide viewers with a glimpse of the artistic universe that DIAS opens up.


Yang Yongliang at Sophie Maree Gallery

Sophie Maree Gallery will present the highly acclaimed work of Chinese photographer Yang Yongliang from the 1st March to the 16th April. Residing in Shanghai, Yang has been working on this collection of work for the past three years and combines surrealism with strong ancient Chinese cultural references to create extraordinary, one of a kind pieces. A background in painting and calligraphy has contributed to Yang’s impeccable skill and intriguing approach to photographic art. His work illustrates contemporary urban scenes such as skyscrapers, power plants and freeways against magnificent natural scenery to highlight the impact of technology in China and create a curious contrast between the past and the present.

Continuing with this theme, Yang believes in merging new technologies and techniques with old ones which can be seen in his latest work fusing digital manipulation with ancient techniques. Yang’s work reflects various paradoxes including old and new China, the surreal and the real and the tranquil with the chaotic. The internationally renowned photographer has had his work exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Saatchi Gallery in London and the British museum as well as receiving a wealth of awards. With a unique take on modern as well as ancient art and photography, this solo exhibition is an eye opening must see.


Paul Housley at Belmacz Gallery London

The prestigious Belmacz Gallery features a collection of work by iconic London-based artist Paul Housley, entitled 'They Bloom at Night' that spans eighteen years of his career. 'Music from the Studio'  -an exclusive 96-pages artists' monograph- gets launched coinciding with the show. The high-quality hard cover edition captures 'The River' -an essay by writer and critic Martin Herbert-, next to various of Housley's renowned paintings. Born in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester in 1964, Paul was a MA student at the Royal College of Art in 1995. In the following years he produced numerous of small scaled drawings and paintings, executed on reclaimed hardback book covers, often figurative and of a darkly humorous nature. Being inspired by Velazquez, Picasso and Rembrandt, he created unique and highly characteristic artwork featured in various group and solo exhibitions.

As Housley has explored different mediums and genres within his artistic period, his still-lifes, 3D sculptures, portraits and found canvas frames function as hybrids of different mediums and genres. Assessing Housley's latest body of paintings, he takes his inspiration from found objects, he finds e.g. on fleamarkets. Then, the power of his paintings arises through his endless studies and explorations of these items and seem honest, inquisitive and slightly humorous. Like much of his work, re-occuring motifs become characters in his ever increasing internal world and operate as totemic objects, psychical manifestation rather than mere ‘pictures’, they are imbued with intellectual and emotional resonance, and vibrate with the hopes, fears and desires of the artist. As e.g. the piece 'This is a Wife' operates somewhere between a painting and a sculpture, a paint laden tea spoon is attached to a small rectangular deeply stretched white canvas.

Located in a Regency townhouse on Davies Street, the Belmacz Gallery is not only a place to find founder Juila Muggenburg's iconic jewels, but also a melting point for high-quality art creating a dialoque between artists, sculptors, craftspeople and designers. The Gallery also encompasses an alchemy-inspired beauty collection, including products for lips, eyes and make-up.

'They Bloom at Night‘ is on from the 17th October until the 13th of December 2013 at 45 Davies Street, London.


HUGO BOSS Asia Art Award

The Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai and HUGO BOSS announced Kwan Sheung Chi to be the first winner of the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award. The newly established grant will be presented every two years from now on and honours emerging Asian artists, who are originate in the region of 'Greater China'. For this occasion, an international renowned jury of museum curators and art critics chose Kwan Sheung Chi out of seven finalists based on the current exhibition.

Multi-disciplinary artist Kwan Sheung Chi was born in 1980 and graduated in Fine Arts from 'The Chinese University of Hong Kong' in 2003. His artistic visions are affected by the artists' identity in contemporary society, mostly featuring video installations, that are a deep reflection and criticism of his perception. His humorous yet deeply critical artworks express cultural issues, often observed through the eyes of ordinary citizens, but also arise from his unique perspective. Kwan Sheung Chi's impressive concepts are found in various of his unique installations such as 'Break Up a Piece of Short Thread' and 'Water Barrier (Maotai-Water, 1:999)', the keypiece of this breathtaking exposition. 

The exhibition will be on until 8 th of December, 2013 at the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai.


Peter Beard by Owen Edwards, Nejma Beard and David Fahey

TASCHEN published an one volume edition of legendary multi-artist and adventurer Peter Beard featuring his most important photographs, collages and diaries. After the edition in two volumes was sold out immediately in 2006, the collector’s item is now available in a 770-page hardcover edition edited by Owen Edwards, Nejma Beard and David Fahey. Peter Beard -who was born in New York City in 1938 -started documenting his surroundings very early in his childhood. After graduating from Yale University, he discovered his passion for Africa and assembled the history of his african life experiences captured in this very exclusive TASCHEN edition.

It offers an exclusive insight into the world of Peter Beard and shows his commitment to ecologic efforts and the protection of the environment. His impressive, yet sad collages are a canvas for found objects, animals and landscapes, border-framed by smaller-scale images and often animal blood used as paint. In Peter Beard's delicate work the significance of nature reaches the observer and makes the beauty and uniqueness of it visible.


Art show at Berlin’s former spy station Teufelsberg

Berlin’s most famous abandoned spy station “Teufelsberg” was stage for various art installations from 6 -8 September 2013. Dutch Berlin- based artist Dirk Krechting showcased a bathtub filled with bright red water and a small satellite dish perched above, which reminds of a dramatic bloodbath. With his piece he wanted to make a statement regarding the uselessness of spying and warfare. The art show with more than 70 artists involved, was part of a national heritage day on 8 September entitled “Beyond Good and Beautiful: Inconvenient Monuments.” Works included everything from video, installations to sculptures. Teufelsberg is one of the most important monuments in Berlin, that has achieved cult status during the past years throughout the German capital.



Saul Leiter: 1949 – 1960

The success story of Saul Leiter makes for an unexpected tale; wandering in to the world of photography with no formal training, Leiter picked up the camera in the 1940s and never looked back. Catching the attention of Edward Steichen, his street-shot images received a brief but healthy measure of exposure, before hitting the archives, eclipsed by Leiter’s soaring status as a fashion photographer in the ‘50s and ‘60s. With Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar forming his typical clientele, street photography was relegated to a hobby - his outstanding prints and color slides laid redundant, unfairly stuffed into boxes until the 1990s, when Leiter began to revisit a perhaps more consuming body of work.

Now to grace the walls of the Galerie Springer in Berlin, a retrospective of Leiter’s considerately-composed prints will take centre stage – their sense of color isolated, and made all the more captivating in the process. Focus, too, plays to tune – unrehearsed as it may be – for a more sideways standpoint, taking the viewer delightfully unawares.

Saul Leiter: 1949 – 1960 will show at Galerie Springer, Berlin, from September 20th – November 9th


No Pain No Brain by Alexei Kostroma

Brazen statements regarding the declining economic state are nothing new for Russian contemporary artist Alexei Kostroma. Planting the seed of his ongoing series Bills & Debts in 2008, Kostroma's latest painting explores society's total dependence on money.

Entitled No Pain No Brain, the large scale mixed media piece illustrates the tight-knit relationship between the financial market and quality of living. From the canvas, “NO PAIN NO BRAIN – NO BRAIN NO MONEY – NO MONEY NO LIFE” is the despondent slogan that reads candidly between its expressively collaged bills and personal debts. Already anarchic with unapologetic disarray, fluorescent paint – invisible by day – emerges ungovernably come the night time, flaring its most radical observations in the desolation of dusk.

No Pain No Brain by Alexei Kostroma will be exhibited at the LSD Galerie, Berlin, from August 2nd – September 3rd.


Anton Corbijn Recieves First Raw Leica by G-Star

On the week of the Pitti Immagine menswear fair, pioneering denim brand G-Star launched the new RAW Leica camera, presenting the first of the special edition of the Leica D-Lux 6 Series to legendary photographer, Anton Corbijn. After accepting the Leica, Corbijn shared five inspirational photography tips in an online video for the G-Star website. Recognised for his earthy and resonating style, the collaboration between Corbijn and the two companies seemed organic, each upholding ideals that are rooted in the street.

As an affectionate favourite of street photographers since 1925, the Leica is championed for its unmatched functionality. Like its past incarnations, the Leica D-Lux 6 'Edition by G-Star Raw' is designed with practicality in mind; equipped with a fast and compact f/1.4-2.3 lens, media facilities span automatic, manual and Full-HD video recording modes. An improved sense of grip performs for the spontaneous photographer, reinforced by its generous 1.7” CMOS image sensor. Ever trend-aware, G-Star have cased the camera in brown leather – an immortal classic, which, with its shoulder and hand straps, will see it stand the test of time, like the exquisite photographs it will create.

The RAW Leica is available online and in selected Leica boutiques.


Venetian Heritage Awards 2013

To mark the opening of the annual Venice Art Biennale on Saturday 1st June, Venetian Heritage hosted a fundraising gala dinner in the Palazzo Grimani Museum. The evening was highlighted by the presentation of the first Venitian Heritage Award to Oscar winning actress Tilda Swinton, who acted for Venetian Heritage in the play Caro Luchino last year at the Pershing Square Theatre, New York. The award acknowledges personalities who have raised funds for the city and promoted Venetian culture worldwide. Secretary General of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Pasquale Gagliardi,was also commended, while classical singer Thomas Hampson was awarded for his performances at the organisation's New York benefits.

The award ceremony was sponsored by the Vionnet fashion house, and was attended by 250 guests including achitect Peter Marino, The Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and the owner and creative director of Vionnet, Goga Ashkenazi.


The Cool, the Classy and the Haunted at Mila Kunstgalerie

This weekend it’s that time of the year again, when gallery owners all around Berlin open their doors to invite art lovers to take a stroll and admire their most recent exhibitions – it’s the Gallery Weekend Berlin 2013. To put the event into numbers, it’s 51 open galleries and 51 openings within three days and three nights, from the 26th till the 28th of April 2013.

One particular exhibition that’s worth seeing is the photography exhibition entitled The Cool, the Classy and the Haunted at the Mila Kunstgalerie. Works from the Mila artists and beyond will be on display. Those include family portraits of the Kennedy family by Mark Shaw from the late 50s, portraits of models dressed up in leather suits taken by London-based photographer Robie Rodriguez, Charlie Anderson’s collage-like recreations of imagery from pop culture as well as Mike Weber’s haunting adaptations of vintage portraits of the long-deceased.

The opening event of The Cool, the Classy and the Haunted is already taking place on Thursday, the 25th of April at 19.00 hrs. The Mila Kunstgalerie is located at Linienstraße 154 in Berlin. Just like the exhibitions in 50 other galleries, it’s on display throughout the whole weekend and the unique collection of images will stay in the Mila Kunstgalerie until the 11th of May.


Burst by Angela de la Cruz

The Lisson Gallery is pleased to announced their latest exhibition featuring the newest works of Angela de la Cruz. From the 4th of April until the 15th of May the exhibition entitled Burst will be on display in the space of the Milan gallery.
The Spanish artist created a number of objects with dynamic and organic shapes. As she has stated herself, the most important goal was to create shapes that look like they are in transition between two other shapes. One of the objects looks like it is going to burst at any moment, while another big white sculpture seems to bloat and inflate itself.

However, all of the objects are made out of solid, but delicate aluminium. The main colour of the series of objects is a monochrome white. Minimalism is the key to the work of de la Cruz. The exhibition is dedicated to Victor Vazquez Gundin.
The opening event of Burst takes place on Thurday, the 4th of April at 19 hrs. The Lisson Gallery is located at Via Bernardino Zenale 3 in Milan, Italy. The exhibition is open to visitors Monday to Friday from 9.30-13 hrs and 15-18 hrs.


Beauty in the 21st Century at MAMM (Dream Women / Dream Men)

The current photography exhibition in the Multimedia Art Museum Moscow is all about beauty and what its definition is in the world we live in today. Who better to reflect on the concept of beauty than fashion photographers from all over the world, who continously work together with the most gorgeous female models and handsome males?
The exhibition is split into two parts – dream women vs. dream men. The part about women explores what defines a muses' power and shares intimate moments as well as unsparing views. The contrast between true beauty and the society'conception of it will be interesting to look at. Will people's obession with skinniness and youth still define the conception of beauty in the future?

The image of what the ideal male should look like has changed a lot over the years. Fashion photography and its representation of male beauty have played a major role in this evolution. The art works exhibited display modern men from varied persepctives – not matter if they appear to be strong or weak, sensual or sexy. The exhibition is a collection of works by a large number of renown photographers from all over the world. Among them are David LaChapelle and Bruce Weber to give their take on female beauty in the 21st century as well as Ellen von Unwerth, Peter Lindbergh and ZOO Magazine’s Sandor Lubbe, who depict male beauty with their photography.

The exhibition is on display until the 4th of April in the Central Exhibition Hall Manege at 1 Manege Square in Moscow. Opening times are Tuesday til Sunday from 12-22 hrs.


Neck Plus Ultra by Henrik Vibskov

The Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov is a true artist and it's hard to pin down his talents on one particular creative field. Apart from creating genius fashion collections every season and regularly presenting them at Paris fashion week as the only Scandinavian designer, Vibskov is also part of the music world as well as the fine art scene.
Internationally touring as the drummer of Trentemøller and exhibiting is art works globally is something Vibskov is passionate about. His first solo exhibition in Paris will be on show until the 4th of May in the Galerie des Galeries and is named Neck Plus Ultra. It gives its viewers an insight into what influences Vibskov and what his personal inspirations are. The title refers to the latin saying 'nec plus ultra', which means 'nothing farther beyond'. By changing the first word to 'neck' it has a double meaning and is reflected in the various neck-like objects the exhibition has to offer. From scultures that look like black long necks of flamingos dangling down the ceiling to live-sized puppeteers in mysterious dark coats a variety of different art objects is shown. Vibskov makes use of the visual, audio and tactile senses of the viewers in many clever ways and fully engages each visitor.

Previously Vibskov has exhibited his art in some of the most renown museums around the world including the PS1 MoMA in New York, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the ICA in London, and the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple in Kyoto, Japan. He was also part of Basic Instincts, a collaboration project between ZOO Magazine and Premsela, the Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion.
Neck Plus Ultra will be on display in the Galerie des Galeries in the Coupole on the first floor of the Galeries Lafayette until the 4th of May. The opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday from 11-19 hrs. The entrance is free. The Galeries Lafayette is located on 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France.


David Ebmer and Marina Faust at Ve.Sch

The visual arts association Ve.Sch in Vienna is introducing different works of art this week. First off is a showing of David Ebmer's work at 19:00 hrs tonight, the 22nd of January. The evening is curated by Ludwig Kittinger and shows some of the paintings of the artist, such as remarkable abstract ink drawings.

On the evening of the 24th a 30-minute display of the video artist Marina Faust's work will take place. From 19:00-19:30 hrs selected videoworks from 1995-2003 will be presented to the public, demonstrating how her work changed over that period of time. The viewers will be given an insight into the mindset of the contemporary artist and her way of working.

Ve.Sch is based in Schikanedergasse 11, 1040 Vienna, Austria.


Armani 'Acqua #2', Paris Photo

Water has always been a very important motive for Giorgio Armani. Not only is one of his perfumes called ‘Acqua di Gioia’ and is water featured in most of his advertising and commercials but it is the goal of his non-profit organisation ‘Acqua for Life’ to collect drinkable water for Green Cross International (UNICEF for United States) and is celebrated for it’s projects in Ghana and Bolivia.

It is no surprise then that for this years Paris Photo, for which Armani is an official partner, the Italian brand comes with a selection of pictures with the vital fluid as main inspiration. Ten photographers (Matthew Brandt, Marco Breuer, Anthony Friedkin, Dodo Jin Ming, Syoin Kajii, Joel Meyerowitz, Shinichi Murayama, Toshio Shibata, Aaron Siskind, Alec Soth) were asked to make works that represent water’s strength and power.

Paris Photo starts this Thursday, the 15th of November and will welcome visitors until the 18th of November. In April next year, the exhibition will be on display in Los Angeles.


Will Broome First Exhibition in The Netherlands

For the first time in the Netherlands, British illustrator William Broome will host an exhibition at Gallery LaRaven in Amsterdam. Broome is known for his naive and cute illustrations and collaborations with Gucci, Missoni and most famously Marc Jacobs. This exhibition, called “animals, animals, animals”, explores the dark side that every animal has behind the adorable façade. Broome didn't shy away from using colors, which he can't really explain himself. “I think it is because the sun was shining in London, for a change. The weather has a huge influence on my mental state. I should move to the Caribbean.” And shouldn't we all?

Gallery LaRaven
6 July - 27 July
Opened Wednesday - Sunday from 12.00 - 18.00

For more info:


A matter of act – sustainability in contemporary jewellery

Sustainability in contemporary jewellery is a topic that has been touched upon from time to time however few jewellers know the environmental and social impacts of the materials and techniques they often use.

In the exhibition “A Matter of Act – Sustainability in Contemporary Jewellery” the works of Gitte Nygaard, Julia Manheim, Karin Roy Andersson and Nicolas Cheng will be presented. The focus of the exhibition is to show how these four artists deal with sustainability in their art works. Concepts relating to preservation, recycling, fairly traded and ethically sourced materials run through the jewellery pieces.

Opening Friday 1 June Friday 1 June 16:00 - 19:00 Saturday 2 June and Sunday 3 June 11:00 - 18:00 


Future Self - MADE

Made was founded by German contemporary artist tadiROCK, her partner Nico Zeh and their team in early 2010, supported by ABSOLUT Vodka, a brand that fosters creative collaborations for over 30 years. A fascinating new exhibition called FUTURE SELF, studies human movement, mirroring interaction in dance, light and sound, while exploring the self, present and future.

FUTURE SELF brought together a media artist collective, rAndom International, a choreographer, Wayne McGregor, and a composer, Max Richter in a unique interdisciplinary clash at MADE.
Check out the FUTURE SELF Project Film. This film documents the creative working process, which began in London, England, continued in Berlin and culminated in three wonderful performances at MADE.

The exhibition is now open to the public, go and experience this unique installation, seeing how light, music and technology come together and react to your own physical movements:

dates: May 3rd - June 2nd
days: Thursday - Saturday
time: 2PM - 7PM

MADE | 9th Floor | Alexanderstrasse 7 | 10178 BERLIN


Beck’s Green Box Project

VIDEO - Becks Green Box Project

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Past December, Soho House Berlin offered only a few wooden seating areas fridges filled with Beck's beer bottles and a green illuminated box with the red logo of the German brewery: Beck's launched its German showcase, presenting its collaboration with artists of various fields. Invisible for the unaided eye but visible with the help of technology, Beck’s sets a benchmark by asking artists, designers and musicians to visualise their ideas with the help of AR, Augmented Reality.

Beck’s therewith showcases art works in a new, avant-garde way: Instead of a physical space that facilitates the work, it is a smartphone’s display that replaces the art space. Passing by a Beck’s Green Box with the Beck’s Key App installed on one's iPhone, iPad or Android, the user will be alerted to stop and take a look on his screen. Key holders Nick Knight and Sam Spiegel chose to collaborate and showcase the work of artists such as Mark JenkinsHussein ChalayanLuckyMeSage Vaughn, Shaniqwa Jarvis or Reed + Radar.

The artists Sam and Tury from FriendsWithYou, whose work was also showcased, even made time for a little chat.

Are you beer drinkers?
FWY: Not really... More Scotch when we drink, but we are not big into it....

Your art work for Beck's is momentary shown in Berlin, Germany. Do you have a special connection to the city? Do/Did you spend a lot of time in Berlin?
FWY: We do, we have been going to Berlin from the beginning of our career and we find it to be a magical and inspiring place. It feels free, and the art that comes from there has always been so avant garde, it is just always a bit more hard core than any where else. We love it.

Collaborating with Beck's meant a new challenge for you as your art work is not presented physically but digitally - in which respect did this include a different approach of working?
FWY: Not that much more different actually, we always thought that our art is more idea based than medium restrained. That's exactly what has let us do so many different projects in a wide range of mediums but some how keeping our core ideas intact. Our mission is to re imagine and re introduce a new sense of spirituality into the world that is freed from the baggage of past mistakes and looks into the feature and new generations to keep this basic human need progressing in our post modern times. Every art thing we do is always dealing with this issue and always looking for new ways to introduce those emotions into orbit again.

Do you have a Smartphone or an iPad yourself?
FWY: Both....

If you were able to read art's future - is AR a possible new common way to present art works?
FWY: Yes... We think so very much. technology is moving at a speed that is hard for any one to comprehend, so ruling that out would be just silly. We imagine that there is going to be a new set of tools available very soon that we have not even imagined, and the use of these new technologies is very exiting to us. We are always looking for ways to experiment and move our ideas in these new channels that open up all the time.

Do you think art gets more accessible through AR and eventually activates a new target group?
FWY: Art is accessible to all now, its the most over used new commodity of the post tech era, so yea I think AR is just another one of the new ways. And soon it will grow up into something that is way beyond our own expectations.

One of your main missions is to connect people through your art works. As the Beck's Green Box Project is traveling, gets in touch with people worldwide. Do new media thus depict the transmitter of your aim?
FWY: Yes and no.... just the media itself with disconnected bits of art pushing trough it is not enough. That is exactly what separates artist from crafts or more sporadic marketing attempts. The new media helps in propagating all ideas and that is where it becomes a sticky thing... It is hard to push through the clutter and get something clear out of it... but I think this only is happening to us the slightly older (first computer user) generations. The new generations will not see any of that at all and will only see what is obviously the important thing, the big ideas. The elemental ideas, the things we all know beyond our own intellect.

VIDEO - Becks Green Box Project

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Chloe Piene

New York and Berlin based artist Chloe Piene will be displaying her second solo exhibition 'Eiserne Frau' at the Barbara Thumm Gallery.  

Piene is well known for her range of materials and subject matter. Taking a deeply philosophical stand in all of her work, she manages to create meaningful as well as extremely energetic pieces. Even by drawing a silhouette on black silk paper, a sense of calmness yet urging is conveyed by Piene's work. 

Chloe Piene, © Chloe Piene 

Chloe Piene, Octohand Wax, 2011, Wax, 50.8 x 38.1 x 27.9 cm, variable, Photo: Jens Ziehe 

Chloe Piene, Nix, 2011, Chalk on Black Silk Paper, 127 x 50,8 cm, Photo: Jens Ziehe 

From 14th January - 3rd March 2012 at Galerie Barbara Thumm, Markgrafenstrasse 68, 10969 Berlin.
Opening hours: Tue – Sat 11am to 6pm. 


Carte Blanche

Four times a year, Club Silencio will invite an artist to spend a week programming the club's various artistic worlds. The artist will be given a 'Carte Blanche' to curate the club: from a literary, cinema, and music selection, to a culinary program and special bar menu. Each guest artist will also produce a work of art to commemorate the 'Carte Blanche' at Silencio. 

The first week-long Carte Blanche event will take place between October 21 and 27 and will welcome David Lynch, the multidisciplinary artist who designed Club Silencio. 

A limited edition of the Wire Chair designed by David Lynch will be exhibited in the window of Colette. During this period, this limited edition of 25 will be exclusively sold at Colette.


4th Fotofestival

The 4th edition of the Fotofestival is the biggest curated photographic Biennale in Germany and is taking place from September 10 to November 6, 2011. It bears the title "The eye is a lonely hunter: images of humankind". The festival takes as its point of departure a humanist perspective in the tradition of documentary photography. It will showcase a variety of practices that are situated at the intersection between documentary and artistic photography, practices that are characterised by a strong sense of visuality but also a keen sense of sociopolitical awareness. 

This year the Fotofestival is curated by Katerina Gregos (GR/ BE) , who conceived the Danish Pavilion at this year's Venice Biennale, and Solvej Helweg Ovesen (DK/ DE), who worked as a curator at the Kunsthalle Friedericianum and curated a number of international exhibitions including the first Copenhagen Quadrennial.


Basic Instincts

The exhibition Basic Instincts maps a range of ideas that originate in fashion, but border on and interact with other disciplines. It connects the work of five prominent Dutch fashion designers (Iris van Herpen, Klavers van Engelen, Monique van Heist, Anne de Grijff and Oda Pausma) with product design, architecture and art. 
Basic Instincts is the brainchild of Premsela. The Netherlands Institute for Design and Fashion worked in close collaboration with Zoo Magazine’s creative directors José Klap and Sandor Lubbe. The exhibition is curated by Luca Marchetti and Emanuele Quinz, of mosign, while Danish multi-talent Henrik Vibskov oversaw the overall design.
July 1st – July 31st, 2011
Wednesday to Sunday,
from 12:00 to 19:00 hrs
Villa Elisabeth
Invalidenstraße 3
Berlin, Germany
Free admission
Find more information and download the exhibition for iPad at


Iris van Herpen - by Zach Gold

Emerge by Sil van der Woerd
for Anne de Grijff

Untitled by Joost Vandebrug 
for Monique van Heist


Riding the Hoods
with Maripol

From May 18th, Maripol, the french-born New York art-director and stylist behind Madonna’s iconic Like a Virgin tour, who never left home without her 70?s Polaroid camera, presents a series of limited edition prints at Clic Gallery New York.

The photographs from New York’s underground scene portray legends like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Deborah Harry and of course Madonna. Alongside the exhibition, Clic Gallery will release the book Riding the Hoods with Maripol that documents Maripol's adventures in the 1980's Downtown NYC.

Clic Gallery & Bookstore
424 Broome Street, NYC


Anton Corbijn Inwards & Onwards

From June 23rd till September 1st 2011, the Amsterdam-based photography museum Foam will show Anton Corbijn's most recent photographic project Inwards & Onwards. For this project, Corbijn aimed his camera at a few of his favorite artists, including Gerhard Richter, Alexander McQueen, Iggy Pop, Tom Waits, Lucian Freud and many more.

Anton Corbijn, who has been mainly known as the director of feature films such as Control and The American, is interested in how artists struggle with the creative process: the pain and the drama of the act of creation. His monumental black-and-white portraits blend austerity and aesthetics and attract attention because of the deliberate and exacting way they capture the character of the person being portrayed.

Keizersgracht 609
1017 DS Amsterdam


La Quête du réel

On May 5th 2011, Louis Vuitton and La Quinzaine Littéraire will be publishing an original work, the first in-depth consideration of the itinerary and thinking of Annemarie Schwarzenbach.

Annemarie Schwarzenbach, born in 1908 in Zurich, studied history and literature and published her first novel in 1931. A friend of Klaus and Erika Mann, she shared their anti-fascist stance and from 1933 onwards travelled as a journalist through Spain, Russia and the United States.

For the most part unpublished, the texts selected, introduced, and translated by Dominique Laure Miermont and Nicole Le Bris take us on a discovery of Annemarie Schwarzenbach, an iconic figure from the Lost Generation of the interwar period. The work is illustrated with about forty photographs taken by Annemarie herself.


Robin Rhode

Galerie Fons Welters is proud to announce the first solo exhibition of the South-African artist Robin Rhode in the Netherlands.

Combining the rich variety of media such as photography, film-animations, drawings, sculptures and performance the artist has created diverse art works, which in a subtle manner all refer to the subject of what he calls probabilities in human life.

During the opening at 19.00 Robin Rhode will do a special performance.

Galerie Fons Welters
22 October – 19 November 2011

Saturday 22 October, 17:00 – 19:00

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday, 13:00 – 18:00 



Louis Vuitton presents Shadowplay by Hans-Peter Feldmann.

In a unique event organised in cooperation with Louis Vuitton, the artist Hans-Peter Feldmann will be showcasing his famous light installation, entitled Shadowplay, on a screen on the site fence in front of the new Louis Vuitton Maison in the former Munich Residenzpost building. From the November 19th, 2010 until the end of January, 2011, the art project will be on display for the public from dusk onwards.

The original of the artwork, which was filmed in advance for the installation at the old Residenzpost building, will be presented at the Pinakothek der Moderne as part of the artist’s exhibition from the 19th of November 2010 until mid-February 2011.


John Baldessari at Fondazione Prada

The Prada Foundation announces the forthcoming exhibition, devoted to the artist John Baldessari, which will be held at Via Fogazzaro 36 in Milan, until December 31st, 2010. 

Couresy of the artist and Fondazione Prada
Photography Roberto Marozzi 

The California artist has conceived an entirely original project for the Prada Foundation, titled The Giacometti Variations. It consists of a series of huge figures 15 feet tall, inspired by the imagination of the Swiss sculptor, which will be clothed and outfitted with garments and objects designed by Baldessari himself, thus forming a hypothetical, though immobile, fashion show. It captures an idea of integration and dialogue between art and fashion, where the osmosis between model and sculpted figure becomes a declaration of mutual attraction and communication.



Persona, a collection of work by Hadley Hudson is a series about the other side of the fashion industry... A side that one seldom sees. It is an inverse view into the private spheres of the models who we normally see in the most public way - magazines, advertising, tabloids and reality TV. 

Hadley Hudson has taken her camera to Paris, New York, Berlin and London and photographed models in their 'natural habitat' - their bedrooms and private spheres. From model apartments, to squats, to their parents’ apartments, each photograph tells the story of an individual struggling to 'make it' with their beauty in an industry notorious for consuming and disposing of 'new faces.' It is a poignant and very personal view into an otherwise unseen world.

Aktuelle Dokumentar Fotografie
October 14th - 17th, 2010

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
From 19:00 hrs

Puerto Giesing (Ex Hertie)
Tegernseer Landstrasse 64


The Beats and The Vanities, Larry Fink Exhibition at Armani/SIlos

A collection of exquisite black and white photographs from Larry Fink’s The Beats and The Vanities books will comprise the latest exhibition at Armani/Silos. The exhibition presents a unique opportunity for the legendary photographer’s work and idiosyncratic vision to be experienced as one as they have never before been shown together before.

Giorgio Armani himself is a great fan of Larry Fink’s work, finding his ability to capture form and line in such a fluid way something he can relate to as well as a designer. “Fink is a jazz fan, and you can almost view these images in terms of musical composition – people in flow, surprising us, possessing an unconscious sensuality”, he adds.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in a progressive and politically active family, Fink cut his teeth as a photographer as part of the late beat generation, when he hooked up with a group of beats at the age of 17. Political activism, protests and marches formed the photographers worldview who documented the times through his medium-format camera.

His pictures serve as a time capsule and a candid look into his world, perfectly capturing the sense of romance and rebellion that characterised the underground jazz-fuelled youth movement of the time. A regular editorial contributor for prestigious titles such as The New Yorker and Vanity Fair, it was the latter that recognised his ability to bring them something different if let loose to create.

His visual record of the famous and their surrounding courtiers is not concerned with who’s who – rather it focuses on what’s happening. As Fink himself describes it, he tries to embrace the souls of all people, regardless of their conditions.

The Beats and The Vanities, Photographs by Larry Fink will be on show at the Armani/Silos until the end of July 2017.


Miami Beach Art Basel 2016: between emerging artists and Zoo’s familiar faces

Between the 1st and the 4th of December, Miami’s miles of sandy beaches and glittering nightlife will transform into a dense and dynamic cultural event: The Miami Art Basel.

269 leading galleries from all over the world will provide visitors the opportunity to experience works from the masters of modern and contemporary art, as well as discovering the creativity and freshness of new emerging stars.

The main exhibition hall will house paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs from world-renowned creators while the nearby beaches will serve as the backdrop for ambitious artwork, film installations and performances. Artists from an array of cultural backgrounds, different generations and art styles will offer visitors a glimpse into their creative minds in order to enhance the way that the infinite world of art is brought to the public.

Miami Art Basel is fast approaching and amongst the many to showcase their talent, we have spotted a few familiar faces. What better way to participate in this celebration of Art? Let’s revisit the work of some who have graced the pages of ZOO Magazine throughout the years in our selection below:

Kohei Nawa
PixCell[Iguana], 2002

Glenn Brown
The Day the World Turned Auerbach, 1991
Courtesy of the artist

David Altmejd
The Flux and the Puddle, 2014
Courtesy of Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York

Nobuyoshi Araki
August, 2014
Courtesy of Alex Daniels


Peter Lindbergh - A Different Vision On Fashion Photography

Uma Thurman, Los Angeles, USA, 2011 Vogue Italia © Peter Lindbergh (Courtesy of Peter Lindbergh, Paris / Gagosian Gallery)

An exhibition celebrating German photographer Peter Lindbergh’s inspiring work will open September 10th 2016 in the Kunsthal, Rotterdam. One of fashions most influential photographers with the infamous image of the 90s Supermodels, or The Big Six, on his repertoire, will make this exhibition one for the books. The gallery will have his material divided in nine different sections, including Couturiers, Dance and Icons. Lindbergh initiated bringing a narrative to fashion photography and includes a sense of realism, which in an age of excessive photo retouching changed the norms of beauty. The photographer is often referred to as the ‘Photographer of Truth’, as he rejects the concept of social status in his work. Lindbergh: ”This should be the responsibility of photographers today to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection.”
The exhibition will run until February 12th 2017.


Banky’s new exhibition in Rome

If you’re in Rome this summer you should definitely visit the Palazzo Cipolla Museum which launches one of the largest exhibitions of his work to date.

The non-profit exhibition War, Capitalism and Liberty kicked off on 24th May and it is running through to the 4thSeptember.
The exhibit, which sees the famous Kate Moss print take pride of place, spans the anonymous artist's entire career.

This exhibition includes around 120 original paintings, prints, unique sculptures, creations and rare pieces from private collections, many of which have never been seen publically before.

The exhibition examines war, consumerism and politics aiming to make you really think like Banksy . It promises to be a groundbreaking display of the different formats, techniques and topics tackled by him, demonstrating the sheer scale and scope of his work over the last 30 years.

The exhibition comes just a year after Banksy, opened the popular Dismaland in Weston-Super-Mare, the alternative seafront theme park that invited guests to experience attractions billed as "an escape from mindless escapism".


New Kohei Nawa Exhibitions

Japanese artist Kohei Nawa, featured in ZOO's issue No. 49, will be presenting his artworks in new exhibitions spanning across the globe. Opening of March 5 in German town Karlsruhe, Nawa will show his installation work "Force" as part of the exhibition "New Sensorium – Exiting Failures Of Modernization" at the ZKM exhibition space. The group show features mainly Asian artists that are defined by the traditional meaning of Asian: the Eurosian continent minus Europe. It pays attention to new realms of sensoriums, evolved through the ongoing developments in digital culture and the sweeping effects of globalization. Many thousand kilometers east, a screen presentation of Nawa's performance work "Vessel" will be held in Tokyo's Media Ambition 2016 on March 16. Furthermore, Nawa's pieces will be shown on the storefront of German jewelry store Niessing in Osaka. Here, Jewelry will be staged upon various sculpture pieces created by Nawa based on the theme “CELL / FORCE”.


Este Arte – International Contemporary Art Fair

Kicking off on January 5th, Punta del Este in Uruguay will once again host the “Este Arte” Fair, an international event dedicated to both historical avant-gardes and contemporary artists. Following the success of the fair’s last edition, it will once again feature a varied palette of events and exhibitions. Art lovers will find nearly any form of art displayed, ranging from paintings and sculptures to photographs and videos. In addition, Este Arte will present a cultural agenda that enables a dialogue among artists, collectors, critics and curators. Set to run every year, the event was installed to be a cultural landmark in the South American art system and to empower both institutional and private collections. The fair opens it’s doors with a VIP preview on January 5th and will be open to the public from 6pm to 11pm on the remaining days. Well, why not start the new year with a trip to Uruguay?


LOEWE FOUNDATION x Miami Beach Art Basel

What do a black cup, an oil painting and a chair made of legs have in common? They’re historical and contemporary art pieces, displayed in the exhibition “Chance Encounter”, hosted by the LOEWE FOUNDATION within the context of this year’s Miami Beach Art Basel. Curated by LOEWE’s very own creative director Jonathan Anderson, the exhibition evaluates the disruptive beauty of the chance encounter by creating unexpected conversations between the works of four British artists: Lucie Rie, Rose Wylie, Anthea Hamilton and Paul Nash. This set up will create new images, connect ideas and act as a convergence of past, present and future. A main point among these movements also is to give this art exchange time, as the exhibition is set to “slow things down”. “Chance Encounter” can be visited until January 17th at the LOEWE store in Miami’s Design District.


The HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award 2015 Winner is Announced

Maria Taniguchi has been crowned winner of the 2015 HUGO BOSS ASIA ART Award for Emerging Artists with a tidy ¥300,000 award. Narrowly missing out were the five other nominated artists, Guan Xiao, Huang Po-­?Chih, Moe Satt, Vandy Rattana and Yang Xinguang, who are exhibited their works alongside Taniguchi at the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) until January 3, 2016. Marc Le Mat, the Managing Director of HUGO BOSS CHINA RETAIL CO. LTD, and Larys Frogier, RAM Director, announced the Philippines artist as the winner in light of her extraordinary paintings, sculptures and videos investigating time and space with social and historical contexts.


No Longer / Not Yet

Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben once famously raised the question “What is the Contemporary?” With this in mind, the Creative Director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, opened a creative debate with his FW15/16 collections for the label and explored it conceptually, “What does contemporary mean?”.

According to Michele, the notion of contemporary refers to a “state of temporal flux”, where relics from the past are fused with signals of the future. In agreement with the statement, “The contemporary is the untimely”, from French semiotician Roland Barthes, Michele has gone on to collaborate with the Editor in Chief of LOVE magazine, Katie Grand, and curate the “No Longer / Not Yet" exhibition, shown in Shanghai’s Minsheng Art Museum.

Artists such as American sculptor Rachel Feinstein, Chinese Op artist Li Shurui and British photographer Glen Luchford have contributed individual works of all mediums reflecting their conceptualizations of the untimely or contemporary. The exhibition will also include a personal artwork from Alessandro Michele.

“No Longer / Not Yet” is on exhibition at the Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai, until December 16, 2015.


Espace Louis Vuitton München Presents “Predestined Colour Waves” - Sheila Hicks

In Germany’s first monographic exhibition of Paris-based, American artist Sheila Hicks since 1970, the Espace Louis Vuitton München is pleased to host “Predestined Colour Waves”. With colour, texture and structure providing her primary interests, Hicks’ work consists of hand-woven miniatures, mid-size bas-relief panels, soft sculptures and monumental installations. With a background of Modernism and knowledge of historical textiles, Hicks pushes to investigate new cultures by means of painting, photography and especially architecture.

The current exhibition documents Hicks’ long-standing conversation with architecture and presents the impressive large-scale installations “Alterrissage” (2014) and “La Femma Principale Bluma” (2015). Not only this, but the collection of works also involve Sydney Biennale Sketches (2015), part of her contribution to the 2016 event, and prototype models of her 1967 Ford Foundation silk bas-relief tapestries, which were recreated in 2013-14, among other artworks.

Espace Louis Vuitton München exhibits “Predestined Colour Waves” from artist Sheila Hicks from October 8, 2015, until January 23, 2016.


Tornabuoni Art Gallery, London, Opens with Lucio Fontana Exhibition

Established by Roberto Casamonti inFlorence, 1981, the Tournabuoni Art gallery is unveiling a new gallery on Albermarle Street, London. The first week of October sees a rare collection of more than 40 works from the Argentinian Italian artist Lucio Fontana in the gallery’s opening exhibition. This being the late Fontana’s first appearance in London for over a decade, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Casamonti family own the largest collection of his works and will feature an overview of his most renowned series in the upcoming show.

According to Ursula Casamonti, who is running the London Gallery, the space differs from others in that its atmosphere offers one of comfort and intimacy, rather than the usual “white cube” viewers are so often affronted with when visiting galleries. Designed by Marco Casamonti, the gallery is a true family project, and features two spaces across two floors.

The Tornabuoni Art Gallery, London, opens its doors to the public on 8 October, 2015.l The Lucio Fontana Exhibition runs until 5 December, 2015.


Amsterdam’s Tribal Art Fair (TAF) Runs for 13th Year

Keeping a family tradition alive is TAF organizer and owner of Amsterdam’s infamous Galerie Lemaire, Finette Lemaire. The gallery is one of the oldest tribal art galleries in the world and was founded around 90 years ago by M.L.J Lemaire. The popular TAF collection boasts an impressive range of textiles, sculptures, masks, jewelry and utensils from all over Africa, Oceania, America and Asia. Twenty national and international galleries will be exhibiting these items in the fair, many of which have never been previously released to the public…Whether you are a collector, an expert or simply a passer by, they are worth checking out. An expert committee will also be judging the diverse collection, examining the authenticity of each item.

The Tribal Art Fair (TAF) 2015 is running in central Amsterdam’s “De Duif” church from October 30, until November 1, 2015.


Boris Mikhailov is Awarded The Goslar Kaiserring 2015

The internationally renowned Boris Mikhailov is rewarded for his groundbreaking efforts in photography, in particular, documenting Soviet Society. Following the footsteps of other revolutionary modern artists, including Gerhard Richter and more recently Matthew Barney, the Ukrainian photographer will accept the prestigious Goslar Kaiserring later this year.

Without any prior training, Boris Mikhilov began to pursue photography whilst working in a factory as an engineer. Experimenting with various techniques, he played around with pictorial material. From primarily capturing his life and the ordinary people who surrounded him on film, he went on to use photography as a medium to make social comments about the regime governing Berlin and the area in which he lived.

These astounding images have gone on to win Boris Mikhailov global recognition. After exhibiting his work in the West from the late 80s, he has acquired numerous awards and his solo collections of works can be found in huge art institutions such as MOMA, New York, and the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.

Boris Mikhailov receives the Goslar Kaiserring 2015 on October 10.


Axel Hoedt: Dusk

Taking you on a journey through the carnival culture of the southwest of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Axel Hoedt’s project invites a critical and curious take on the representations of carnival. Dusk undermines the often clichéd traditional views of the carnival subculture, whose image is peppered with visions of somersaults and drunken debauchery.

Against the backdrops of simplicity and normality, Hoedt places the performers directly in the frame of an alternate existence – their lives outside of the revelry for which they are dressed. Photographed in earnest poses and against the backdrop of the harsh winter landscape, Hoedt evokes the true essence of the carnival: the final celebration before the dawning of hard times.

For more about Axel Hoedt’s project, go to:


SYBILLE by Hester Scheurwater

Dutch artist Hester Scheurwater does not tiptoe around the topic of female sexuality. Her oeuvre is beset by her ardent investigation and critique of the role of women as a sex object. Using portraiture, her work often includes the use of reflections, more specifically, through the inclusion of a physical mirror that communicate inner thoughts and outward appearance.

Explaining the impact of her work in ZOO issue 31, Scheurwater states “It is ‘normal’ for male artists to look at the female body and turn it into the object of their art. It becomes an aberration when it is a woman who handles the chisel or stands behind the camera, especially if they portray themselves”. Her work is no stranger to censorship, featuring provoking and often unsettling perspectives of the female form.

Her latest collaboration SYBILLE follows in the same vein. A collection of images taken of the same subject, the SYBILLE study is available in 100 softcover zine editions, signed and numbered.

Orders can be sent to


Giorgio Armani Celebrates 40th Anniversary with the Opening of ARMANI/SILOS

The opening of the Armani/Silos exhibition space on April 30th marks the 40th year of Giorgio Armani’s illustrious career. Open to the public, the space revels in futurism, revealing to the visitor a uniquely rich showcase of contemporary attitudes and lifestyles. Behind its sharp architectural exterior waits the 4,500 square meter, four level space.

Dubbed Silos due to its past life storing food, the designer explains its creation, “Because fashion, which seems to want to live in an eternal present, needs to reflect on itself and its own roots in order to face the future. Through this process of reflection, we see how fashion accompanies and often anticipates important social changes”. Behind the sharp architectural exterior lies the designer’s vision of simplicity, aiming to achieve a rational form, void of superfluous adornment.

The configuration of the space is of a dispersed creative life, the ground floor dedicated to his daywear, exoticism on the first floor, color schemes of the second floor and a theme of light on the fourth floor.

To read more, visit


The Infrared Summer by Joseph Lally

The Visual Artist, Writer and Cosmic Thinker Joseph Lally has published his first novel. In this shocking story, he takes us into a world of glamour, sex, drugs, models and the powerful, all told from an insider’s perspective.

Now available on


A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense at Pace London

During the '60s and the '80s, the Robert Fraser Gallery played an important role in the British art scene. Opened in 1962 by dealer and Swinging London fixture, Robert Fraser, the institution supported and helped launch the careers of some of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Portrait of John Edwards Francis Bacon, 1988

Over the years, the London gallery became a social hub for iconic entertainers such as John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, William Burroughs, Marianne Faithful and Marlon Brando, many of whom were close friends of Fraser. Paul McCartney has even referred to the gallerist as “one of the most influential people of the London sixties scene”, while Richard Hamilton forever commemorated Fraser and Jagger’s drug-related arrest in his seminal work, ‘Swingeing London 67’.

Swingeing London 67R Hamilton

Delving in to the live and career of Robert Fraser, Pace London will reveal “a personal portrait” of the scintillating man. Curated by Brian Clarke, who was once represented by Fraser, ‘A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense” will capture the essence of the noted gallerist through a series of works by Francis Bacon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Richard Hamilton, Jean Dubuffet, Dennis Hopper and many more. The exhibition will coincide with Clark’s solo presentation, ‘Spitfires and Primroses’, also at Pace London.


A Strong Sweet Smell of Incense: 6 February – 28 March, 2015 (6 Burlington Gardens) Spitfires and Primroses: 13 February – 21 March 2015 (6–10 Lexington Street)


In Focus: Play at J. Paul Getty Museum

Summer, The Lower East Side, New York City, 1937. Weegee (Arthur Fellig). The J. Paul Getty Museum. © International Center of Photography

Photography was introduced in 1839. Around the same time, as a result of the Industrial Revolution, a number of people in Europe and the United States were starting to discover the perks of having a previously unimaginable amount of free time.

During the 1850s, the notion of leisure became a photographic subject; activities like visits to amusement parks and circuses and playing in the street were now recorded, highlighting the myriad ways in which people can spend their free time.

From 23 December, 2014, to 10 May, 2015, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles will present more than two dozen images from the institution's permanent collection. 'In Focus: Play' will trace the development of photography, all the while revealing the very nature of recreation.

The exhibition will feature photographic works by prominent and lesser-known artists such as Diane Arbus, Imogene Cunningham, Roger Fenton, Man Ray and Larry Sultan.

In Focus: Play 23 December, 2014 – 10 May, 2015


Wolfgang Tillmans at the 14th International Architecture Biennale

As part of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition entitled Fundamentals, ‘Elements of Architecture’ is a showcase that analyses the fundamentals of our buildings with German fine-art photographer Wolfgang Tillmans being named as a participant.  

Ausweitung der Kampfzone. 1968-2000. Die Sammlung Teil 3, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 8 Nov 2013 - 31 Dec 2014 

Coming from a background in photography, Tillmans has vast experience in photographing buildings displaying the ‘complexity’, ‘irrationality’ and beauty of architecture. Known for his distinguished style and being the first German Turner Prize award winner, Tillmans describes architecture as “an expression of desires, hopes and ambitions, as well as myriad practical needs and limitations, which shape a structure’s design.”

Ausweitung der Kampfzone. 1968-2000. Die Sammlung Teil 3, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, 8 Nov 2013 - 31 Dec 2014 

Tillmans’ still video installation entitled ‘Book for Architects’ is presented as a looped projection of still images on two walls. It showcases a sequence of images that reflect what the built environment looks and feels like and mirrors the imperfection and characteristics of architecture.


Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2014

Nominated for his exhibition “The Enclave”, photographer Richard Mosse has been announced the winner of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2014.

Aiming to highlight and award captivating contemporary photography and gifted photographers who have made a significant contribution to the medium of photography in Europe, the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize showcases the best of international photography. Being one of the most prestigious prizes in the world of photography and set up by The Photographers' Gallery in London in 1996, the works created by the competition are on display in the gallery until 22nd June.

Exhibited against a background of vivid pink, “The Enclave” is the winning entry by Richard Mosse and depicts the horrifying war related deaths in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Both haunting and stunning, the infrared film shot photographs illustrate the contrast between the liveliness of pink nature and weapons of war, bloodshed and violence.


Clash Wall Amsterdam

Converse Benelux has announced Clash Wall Amsterdam, a project challenging eight artists to clash their style against a classic Amsterdam canal house. Having already exhibited in other cities including Berlin, Clash Wall merges the traditional with the distinctive and transforms classic architecture into pieces of art.

The project is inspired by the spring 2014 Converse All Star sneaker collection which features dynamic pops of colour, elevated silhouettes, bold colour blocking and striking archive prints. The brand has also encouraged Converse fans to create and send inspirational tweets for the artists to work into their artwork.

Coming from a range of different cities, the eight artists have clashed graffiti, ceramics, typography and sculpture to produce a unique collaborative piece of art which adheres to Converse’s challenge to “use their most visceral work to add a splash of colour to a grey world.” The display will be open for public viewing from 4-8pm on Friday 2nd May and from 12-6pm on 3rd and 4th May.


From Vera to Veruschka: The Unseen Photographs by Johnny Moncada

From the 2nd April to the 1st June Somerset House in London will host the iconic and unseen photographs shot by Johnny Moncada of captivating and stunning supermodel Vera, known as Veruschka.

Detailing glamorous Italian fashion and exotic locations, these unseen and largely forgotten about photographs showcase the fashion and style of the swinging sixties and display Veruschka’statuesque physique and dazzling complexion. The model, who was regarded as one of the world’s first supermodels and went on to become one of the highest paid models in the industry, owed her success to photographer Moncada stating that “Everything began in Italy, and it was there that Johnny took my first pictures.” She went on to describe that the beginning of her transformation into phenomenal supermodel Veruschka began with Johnny’s photographs.

Dressed in Italian fashion labels Valentino, Antonelli, Forquet, and Lancetti, the photographs exhibit Vera upon embarking on the launch of her famous and legendary career as fashion sensation Veruschka. The exhibition was curated by Johnny Mocada’s daughter Valentina Mocada upon her discovery of three thousand unpublished photographs concealed in a trunk for over forty years after her father’s death in 2011. It will include 20 photographs in black and white and colour as well as a video installation allowing viewers behind the scenes access into the intriguing journey that took Vera to Veruschka. 


Surreal paintings and photography at Gallery 286 London

Gallery 286 in London will host the surreal and intriguing works of painter Larisa Davatz and photographer Marco Sanges. Chinese born Larisa Davatz began to study at Moscow Art School and then the Surikov Art Institute where she perfected and expressed her unique painting talent before travelling to Tashkent, Uzbekistan where she harnessed the inspiration that she found in her artworks. Her canvas oil pieces rework the style of classic Victorian portrait paintings by applying a hypnagogic and surreal element. The paintings deconstruct the old fashioned portraits of a lady by painting in images, using warm tones and dark backgrounds to produce a captivating and alluring compilation of work.

Also experimenting with the surreal, the preconceived and the unconventional, award winning photographer Marco Sanges presents a dark and enchanting collection at Gallery 286 London. The stylistic and cinematic images capture human behaviour and life’s experiences as well as themes of love, lust and sexual desire presented in a mesmerizing and individualistic way. The photographs provide a compelling insight into aspects of humanity and life and highlight Marco’s individual approach to photography. Being exhibited at many prestigious gallery’s worldwide, Marco has more than made a name for himself as an inventive and innovative photographer. The exhibition will run from March 11th – 31st 2014 at Gallery 286 London.


Amsterdam Art Weekend 2013

'Toxic Trail' by Line Gulsett

'The Power and Influence of Joseph Wiseman' by Dave McDermott

Since last year the first annual Amsterdam Art Weekend was a significant happening for the art landscape of Amsterdam, the second edition will take place this year during the last weekend of Novemeber. Under the mission statement: Amsterdam is a hothouse of extraordinary talent, the festival will be showcasing today's emerging, yet established artists with an international outlook. Making top quality contemporary art accessible to an audience of international professionals and curious visitors, various exhibitions, live performances and gallery talks will take place at the key institutions including the Stedelijk Museum and a number of highly-renowned galleries. Besides, talented post-graduate artists-in-residence of the prestigious Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten and De Ateliers cordially invite to their final groupshows.

'Come back, Muse' by Sigurdur Gudmundsson 

The exceptional agenda of the festival offers a wide artistic spectrum from paintings to video art, to sculptures and installations, including important inter- national and Amsterdam-based artists such as Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, David Haines, Dave McDermont and Line Gulsett. The annual three-day art festival is organized by Capital A, an non-profit organisation that highlights and promotes the capital's contemporary art scene through collaboration with galleries, museums, and artist's residencies. Coinciding with the festival, the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) will offer a variety of film screenings interacting with the exclusive schedule.

The Amsterdam Art Weekend is on from the 29th, 30th of November & 1st of December 2013 in diverse venues. The complete programme is available at


Zeno X Gallery 'TWICE'

The renowned Antwerpian Zeno X Gallery will showcase an exclusive exhibition entitled 'TWICE‘ featuring the two significant painters Luc Tuymans and Marlene Dumas. After their work has been put together in group exhibitions before, for this occasion the two of them will be showing a complete body of work alongside each other for the first time. There is no specific theme, that connects their works, still there are certain similarities, yet interesting differences that become visible, once you look at them in a closer way. As both artists are influenced by photography, television and cinema and documenting their surroundings through a correspondent perspective, this is the essence of stimulating the dialogue about painting between both of them. The colours Tuymans uses are warm and vibrant, contrasting with the colours of Dumas, who uses a more cold and bright colour palette.

Luc Tuymans was born in 1958, in Mortsel and is one of the most influential and important painters of his generation. Being known for his complex socio-cultural analyses and interpretations, his intentions always refer to dark, muted scenes. Often his motives are charged with sinister meaning and seem vaguely familiar. Tuymans clearly defines the concept for his exhibition, explores the theme and decides in advance what the paintings should look like. The actual painting process is concentrated and fast. For 'TWICE‘ the Belgium painter took some remained unfinished works from his archive, he did a few years ago. Originated in a small painting he made in 1987 of a cook, "he reused this old image but chose to create a large-scale painting. In 'Cook' we see a man stirring a liquid mass in a large pot. The man's face is blurry either due to the steam emanating from the pot or because of a light that shines behind him."

Marlene Dumas therefore has a different way of using her creativity. Her amazingly beautiful paintings delve out of the moment, and integrate complex themes—“ranging from segregation, eroticism, or, more generally, the politics of love and war“. 

The exhibition will be on at Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp Borgerhout, Belgium from 6th of November till 21st of December, 2013. There will be a Preview on Sunday, 3rd November from 3-6 pm.


Ulay at Frieze London

London-based gallery MOT International presents grand artist Ulay at Frieze London in an exclusive solo exhibition entitled 'Auto self-portraits/ 1972-2012' featuring images from the 70ies until present. Ulay did many of his performances together with renowned Yugoslavian artist Marina Abramovic from 1976–1988. The duo's performances were exploring the relation of the ego and artistic identity, among being in a relationship dominated by mysticism, energy and attraction.Their collaborative work was essential and influential to both, as a couple and individuals. After a long decade of unique work, the couple broke up during walking the wall of China towards each other and meeting in the middle, when distance anticipated the end. In 2010 Ulay and Marina reanimated their special connection during Marina's performance 'The Artists is Present' at the Museum of Modern Arts New York.

The exhibition Ulay /Auto self-portraits/ 1972-2012 at Frieze will showcase photographs, next to a unique book and intimate images from his important early Renais Sense series. It will capture body art, performance combined with the experimental use of photography. Frieze London is an annual event, that takes place in Regents Park, London, exhibiting more than 170 of the world’s top contemporary art galleries. The Art Fair captures a full programme of talks, artists’ commissions and film projects. 

The exhibition will be on from 16 October until 20 October 2013 at Frieze London in Regent‘s Park, Booth E21 represented by MOT International London.


Esprit Dior Exhibition in Shanghai

The House of Dior presents the ‘Esprit Dior’ exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Shanghai, which will honour designer Christian Dior. Presenting his very first collection on 12 February 1947, Christian Dior today has become a breakthrough in fashion history, as well as in creating unique perfume frequencies. Known for his extraordinary cuts and exclusive materials, Dior was always bringing up a breath of acuteness and brilliance. Although Christian Dior is no longer alive, his name and his company are still the epitome of luxury and elegance.

Image: Artwork by Liu Jianhua

After the travelling exhibition has been on at the National Museum of China in Beijing in November 2012, it will now approach new territory. Beside showing work by some of the major contemporary Chinese artists such as Liu Jianhua, Lin Tian Miao, Qiu Zhijie, who will all give their own vision of the Dior spirit, the exhibition will showcase photographs of Patrick Demarchelier and show over more of a hundred haute couture dresses, that were made by the House of Dior.

‘Espirit Dior’ is on from 13 September to 
10 November 2013.


Wish You Were Here by Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin's photographs hardly make the most traditional of holiday albums, still, the Wish You Were Here exhibition at the QF Gallery in New York will no doubt prove something to write home about. Her first presentation at the venue, the artist has bestowed eleven intimate color snapshots from her time at home and abroad, picked from her rich body of work, dating from the 1980s to the present day.

Living and working between Paris, Berlin and New York, where the roots of her career are bedded, Goldin is accredited as one of the spearheading photographers to infiltrate candid subject matter into the mainstream, challenging creative qualms as to her pioneering point-and-shoot perspective.

Portraits sit on the cusp between art and fashion photography, depending on the commission, though her work is arguably at its most innovative when framing family and friends as the atypical subjects – Wish You Were Here is no exception to the rule, ever surprising and boundlessly inspired, a collection of iconic portaits will hang alongside lesser known landscape scenes, as a visual diary of summers gone by.

Wish You Were Here
runs between August 3rd-18th at the GF Gallery, East Hampton, New York


Beauty Without Irony Presents AIR/PORT

Taking haul of the Summer season, Beauty Without Irony presents AIR/PORT, an art exhibition and charity auction running from July to September in Essaouira, Morocco, before moving on to Antwerp, Belgium, in 2014. A cultural exchange between the two cities, the exhibition will showcase the work of fifty artists, both native and from afar, brought by the organisation behind Designers Against AIDS.

Eleven nationalities are represented, from the established professionals to breakthrough student talent of Lycée Mohammed V in Essaouira and the Sint Maria Instituut in Antwerp, who have contributed works interpreting two themes cherished by both cities: the wind and the port. Spanning 70 large 2x3 meter flags, the artworks stretch along the harbour front in a fitting homage to its subject. Original artworks by Olaf Breuning, Mohamed Tabal and Felix Richter will be displayed throughout venues accross the city, in a creative and educational program to unite the public in social concern for Beauty Without Irony's initiatives regarding HIV/AIDS, youth employment and cultural diversity, amongst many others. Simply put: a rich and engaging viewing for a meritable cause.

AIR/PORT runs from July 5th to September 5th accross various venues.


Stefan Strumbel x Warsteiner

Artist Stefan Strumbel has made a name for himself in the international art scene with fans like Karl Lagerfeld. However, his work is heavily influenced by his roots in the German city of Offenburg. Tradition and the paradigm of 'home' are the subjects of his work, which is a provocative, street art inspired exaggeration of cult objects. He has stated that “home is the hardest drug in the world.”

Strumbel has found his “Partner in Crime” in the traditional German brewery Warsteiner, which is celebrating it's 260th anniversary this year. The collaboration saw Stefan Strumbel create a funky installation for the tenth art Karlsruhe, which showcased larger-than-life helium skywalkers emblazoned with old and new works by the artist. The pieces ranged from bright neon crucifixes and skull printed cuckoo clocks to armed squirrels and Strumbel's claim “What the fuck is Heimat?!” Additionally, limited edition goody bags were handed out to visitors, filled with artsy gimmicks and a special edition “Partners in Crime” bottle of Warsteiner designed by Strumbel. The artist will stay with the brewery a little longer, as they have more projects in the pipeline. Cheers!


Hester Scheurwater's solo exhibition at Broelmuseum Kortrijk

Dutch visual artist Hester Scheurwater (featured in e.g. ZOO Magazine #31) opens the doors on the 26th of May of De Paardenstallen Broelmuseum Kortrijk Belgium with her new solo exhibition. The exhibtion is open from Thursday till Sunday till the 23th of June.


L'Homme at Galerie Emilie Dujat

The new exhibition at the Galerie Emilie Dujat in Brussels is entitled L'homme and it is about to open on the 18th of April. Re-imagining and re-defining male identity the exhibition is a collection of works by over 20 different artists from all around the world such as Spanish surrealist painter Salvator Dalí or American photographer Michael James O'Brien.

All works being showcased are by contemporary and modern artists. The media they use range from paintings and drawings over sculptures to photography. Not only does the exhibtion centre on a man's power, but also on his sensitivity and emotions. Viewing men's bodies from various perspectives will enable the viewer to look beyond social conventions and to question common role perceptions.

The exhibition will be on display from the 18th of April until the 30th of June. The Galerie Emilie Dujat is located at 22 Rue Ernest Allard in Brussels, Belgium. It is open Friday till Saturday from 11-18 hrs and every Sunday from 11-16 hrs.


Mannequin - Le Corps de la mode

by Ria de Borja

It was only in recent decades that fashion models had the capacity to be fashion icons and stars, but in the 18th and 19th centuries to the early 1900s, the profession was generally not regarded with esteem. This fact is explained in the exhibit Mannequin - Le corps de la mode showing at Paris’ Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design. The exhibit takes us on a journey through photographs and videos of models, mannequins and model body types from the past. It shows us mannequins from the 1930s, in which the form’s arm-size are sometimes muscular and athletic; and the 1970s in which the mannequins have skinny arms and a smaller waist; the supermodels of the late 1980s and the skinny Kate Moss in the 1990s. What a model’s perfect body should be evolves along with the fame and fortune that modelling has come to embody today.

Via photographs by Horst P. Horst, Inez & Vinoodh, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Henri Clarke, Guy Bourdin, Nick Knight, Corinne Day and Juergen Teller and others, we learn the importance of models’ roles within the fashion industry, and their ability to transform clothing and photographs into works of art and commercial viability.

We learn the importance of photograph by Irving Penn in 1946 in which the hem of a skirt is being measured has beocme as important a video of Kate Moss shot by Inez&Vinoodh of Kate Moss for Balmain’s FW ’10-’11 Everglade campaign, in which Moss in lying on a couch with her head thrown back. Unmoving, her face and body are used as a central object while drawings move seemingly through her body and mouth. Both installations are centered on the model and her power to translate the mundane into fashion, and clothing into style. Probing deeper into the role of the model is a video of a fashion show by Thierry Mugler, in which the outrageous attire looks made for their wearers: the models who strut and twirl down the runway and impart that these fashions are made for certain body types and personalities. The model comes alive, transformed from a blank canvas to star. “Wood, wicker or wax before being flesh, the model oscillates with ambiguity between object and subject, mannequin sewing and living,” states the exhibit’s dossier.

The exhibit ends with a look at e-commerce, where models heads and faces are not in photographs; bodies are at a standstill to focus on the fashion. One leaves with a take-away of how models’ roles will continue to evolve and change, even while remaining the same on many levels.

Mannequin - Le corps de la mode runs until May 19 at Les Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design, 34, quai d'Austerlitz, Paris.


Mario Testino at Prism

These are the last days to visit the Mario Testino exhibition held at the Prism in L.A. The gallery is showing the work of the photographer until the 30th of March. Over the years Testino’s photography has made a name for itself.

He has an eye for capturing motion and depicting his subjects in a way that they never look still. The lively photograps range from classic black and white photography to bright coloured gloss prints and find their inspiration in various sources. This variety can be seen in the Prism’s current exhibition, where the most different photographs share one space. Lovers getting cozy in the shades of a mighty tree, Kate Moss in a bright yellow swimsuit with the sunlit sea as a backdrop, the silhouette of Marco Garcia against the sky, beaches with sandy shores, palm trees and unnaturally blue water – these are only a few examples for the diversity of Testino’s work, which is definitely impressive to look at.

The Prism is located at 8746 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069. The gallery is open Tuesday til Saturday from 11-18 hrs.


A Cosmos by Rosemarie Trockel

The Serpentine Gallery in London presents its audience with another fascinating exhibition. The exhibition's name is A Cosmos and its centrepieces are the works by German-born artist Rosemarie Trockel, including many art works never seen before in the UK.
However, the most intriguing part of the exhibition is the context in which many of the objects on display are placed. Trockel herself and curator Lynne Cooke selected a wide number of other artists engrossed in different art forms, thereby making a connection between varied artistic ideas.

Trockel has never been keen on creating an identifiable art style and always used completely new matrials and mediums. The same is seen in the works accompanying her art in the Serpentine Gallery. Anything from watercolour paintings to early stop-motion films is exhibited and they relate to the most different fields of interest such as natural sciences and natural history. There is no focus on traditional art practice, but instead plenty of new relationships between skill and craft as well as fields of knowledge and experience come into being.

Visitors can download a free audio introduction by Berlin-based writer and musician Dominic Eichler to accompany the exhibition. It can be downloaded on the galleriey's website. Rosemarie Trockel: A Cosmos lasts from the 13th of February until the 7th of April. The location of Serpentine Gallery is in Kensington Gardens, W2 3XA London. It is open from 10-18 hrs seven days a week and the admission is free.


Boys by Aneta Bartos

ZOO Magazine #23 featured Aneta Bartos's daring photography series 4 Sale, which showed herself and three other female artists naked, enjoying and exploring their female sexuality openly. Yet again the Polish-born photographer is ready to challenge the viewer's eye with her provocative ideas.

The show of Aneta Bartos' new project Boys will be opening January 31st in NYC.  Boys revisits a similar idea as 4 Sale, only focussing on men this time. It displays men in pleasurable positions and intimate settings. The aesthetics of the pictures remind of old paintings, but the postures of the bare bodies in the dimly lit rooms are shockingly real.

The opening of the show is from 18-21 hrs on Thursday, January 31st. The exhibition will be on view until the 21st of February. The show's curator is Jon Feinstein, the location will be room 1A and 4A of the Carlton Arms Hotel, 160 E. 25 St., NYC.


Yoox launches online art shop

Our friends at were already known for selling the best of designer fashion and accessories. Now they opened a new department in their online departement store; an elaborate art shop.

At you'll find works from the likes of Damien Hirst, Marc Quinn, Thomas Hoepker and Grayson Perry. As online entrepreneurs, YOOX, did online exclusives with Damien Hirst and Grayson Perry. The first made two small versions of the Anatomy of an Angel sculpture (first picture) and Grayson Perry made a boxed set of table mats The Vanity of Small Differences (bottom picture).


Antoine d'Agata Exhibition

The Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam will host an exhibition about the work of Antoine d'Agata, known for his dark and broody photo's that are both beautiful and disturbing. d'Agata will not only showcase his recent photographs, but also iconic pictures from his earlier work. The artist himself will be present at the opening of 'Odysseia' on September 7th and his work will be sold during the exhibition.

Antoine d'Agata 'Odysseia'
8 September - 27 October 2012

Kahmann Gallery | Lindengracht 35 | 1015 KB Amsterdam |



SPACE PROGRAM: MARS is a demonstration of all that is necessary for survival, scientific exploration, and colonization in extraterrestrial environs: from food delivery systems and entertainment to agriculture and human waste disposal. The four week mission to Mars repurposes 55,000 square feet of the Wade Thompson Drill Hall at the Park Avenue Armory, New York with an installation of dynamic and meticulously crafted sculptures.

Sachs and his studio team of thirteen wear the Tom Sachs: NIKECraft collection as they man the installation, regularly demonstrating the myriad procedures, rituals, and tasks of their mission. Astronauts must be as fit as an elite athlete to even withstand the rigors of exiting the earth’s atmosphere. As the culmination of sport performance and space travel coming together, this joint venture between Tom and the Nike design team fuses, in several significant ways, the design sensibility Sachs brings to space travel.

Tom Sachs SPACE PROGRAM: MARS will be open to the public at the Park Avenue Armory from May 16th until June 17th. The Tom Sachs: NIKECraft collection will be sold along side signature Sachs memorabilia within a pop installation adjoining the exhibition.


Comme des Garçons Black Shop & Mark Borthwick Polaroids

The Comme des Garçons Black Shop in Berlin reveals a new space as a permanent projection surface where likeminded artists are invited to show their works. This newly inaugurated space shows the interstitial territories between art and fashion.

On April 27th 2012 Mark Borthwick inaugurates the series of temporary exhibitions with a collage of his Polaroid works. This work reflects his sense for individuality and character in photography on an emotional and intimate level. It is the antithesis of the glamorous and obvious in image taking, while emphasizing the unfolding of personal meaning in his very own and intuitive style of revealing emotions and the capture of moments.

Photographer and musician Mark Borthwick is among a generation of photographers who in the early ’90s broke through the conventions of fashion photography by new and radical approaches, supported by then-fledgling magazines like Purple, Self Service, iD and The Face. By experimenting with overexposing film, he creates an almost otherworldly light that saturates the images. Mark Borthwick likes to interrupt the image and confuse the identity of somebody when photographing.

His work regularly appeared in magazines such as Interview, Italian Vogue, Purple and the New Yorker, among others. He collaborated with such influential fashion brands as Maison Martin Margiela, Hussein Chalayan and Comme des Garçons. His photographs have been exhibited around the world and featured in art magazines such as Artforum and Flash Art.
The MMK (Museum für Moderne Kunst) in Frankfurt/Main included Mark Borthwick's work in the exhibition “Not in Fashion” in 2010/2011 along with Juergen Teller and Wolfgang Tillmans.

The exhibition will be shown from 27th of April to 24th of May 2012

Linienstrasse 115, 10115 Berlin



Ruttkowski 68 is a contemporary art gallery in Cologne, Germany. Founded in 2010 it shows domestic and international artists. 

Starting on 3rd February the gallery will show the exhibition Exactitudes, which is a long-term photo project by photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek. It is a systematical documentation of social groups and their appearance. Each of their series is strictly structured and shows twelve similar persons, visually reminding of the works of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Some of the groups belong to subcultures, others don’t, yet they all share a characteristical dress code and usually the same poses. 

From 3rd February until March 18th. Mon-Fri 15-20h, Sat-Sun 17-20h, Tue closed and by appointment. Bismarckstrasse 68, 50672 Köln. 


Ziervogel & Kunze

This month Contemporary Fine Arts displays two very similar, yet very different artists. For one there is Ralf Ziervogel. His drawings are a matter of the extreme: They often go on for several pieces of paper. Those - sometimes 5 meter long - drawings are a close study of the human body, preferably the male one. He creates physically challenging situations, which create a sort of prison for the human body. As painful and masochistic as those postures may seem, they are a far cry from simple fantasies of violence. The drawings rather constitute a metaphysical question mark on the issue of reality. In his recent 'Deklinationen am Koerper' he uses a heavy and thick ink stroke. Those drawings fill up the entire exhibition space in their dimension and depending on the spectators distance to the piece, body parts turn into ornaments that seem to have neither beginning nor end.

Ohne Titel, 2011, Ink on Paper, 151 x 146 cm, Photograph: Gunter Lepkowski 

There is also painter Michael Kunze. His paintings are filled with literary, philosophical, artistic and architectural references. He manages a transition from those into mysterious, irrational sceneries, architectural constructs as well as utopian landscapes. On the surface the connection between the different elements and the deeper meaning can not be grasped, contradicting elements provoke an intense dialogue with the painting itself. He displays works from his cycle 'schwarzorange' as well as from 'Narkaden'. 'Schwarzorange' displays architectural compositions under a cloudy sky, which bathed in a theatrical light. The works are dominated by a multitude of contrasts on all levels.  In “Narkaden” which is a word creation the artist associates with a paralyzed traveler he again spirals the subject matter ad absurdum.

Schwarzorange II, 2011, Oil on Canvas, 280 x 230 cm, Photograph: Jochen Littkemann 

All images are courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts.

From 3rd January - 4th February 2012 at Contemporary Fine Arts, Am Kupfergraben 10, 10117 Berlin. 


My Quiet of Gold

Gestalten is proud to present My Quiet of Gold by Cooper & Gorfer, a striking photographic journey documenting the stories of love, sorrow, and betrayal from rural Kyrgyzstan.

The artist duo Sarah Cooper and Nina Gorfer work at the intersection of contemporary photography with painting of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Their photographic installations move fluidly between reality and imagination, technical and artistic interpretation, and collective myth and personal narrative. 

For their exhibition My Quiet of Gold, Cooper and Gorfer traveled to the rural areas of Kyrgyzstan to collect sagas and stories in conversations and interviews with local inhabitants.
Out of these tales, the duo created striking photographic portraits that go far beyond mere documentation to tell and visually interpret romantic-melancholy stories in completely new and non-linear ways. 

October 27, 2011 - November 27, 2011

October 27, 2011, 18:00 - 21:00

Gestalten Space
Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin


Sounds of Dogs
and Youth

A skilled and imaginative storyteller, Klara Kristalova’s figurative ceramic sculptures are influenced by myths and old folk tales, and address themes surrounding oppression, anxiety and the sub-conscious. Exuding both an innocence and horror, Kristalova’s uncanny sculptures portray adolescent girls and boys, often marked with exaggerated features or in the midst of transformation, and bring to mind memories of childhood fantasy, dreams and nightmares.

Lehmann Maupin Gallery presents Sounds of Dogs and Youth, Klara Kristalova’s first solo exhibition in New York, on view from October 27th until January 28th 2012 at 540 West 26th Street.



On Thursday, June 30th photographer Ari Versluis & profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek will sign the 5th new and enlarged edition of their Exactitudes book series at the window-gallery 
The Rotterdam-based duo has been working on its long-lasting project Exactitudes since 1994.

In their series, they explore and document the phenomenon of striking dress codes within a multitude of social groups. More Exactitudes can be seen at the exhibition Basic Instincts by Premsela at Berlin's Villa Elisabeth from July 1st - July 31st
Linienstraße 160



On May 5th and 6th, MADE presented the project Captured, A homage to Light and Air. The brothers Prof. Sven Völker, graphic designer and professor of communication design and Nils Völker, machine-artist, came together to create an installation, capturing the beauty and intangible nature of air and light. 

Nils Völker's engineered and animated field was framed by Prof. Sven Völker's graphic-art works. Four large format walls, structured like books showing all pages simultaneously, organized the installation into chapters, dedicated to terms such as The Volume and The Ephemeral. The installation invited the audience to dive into a poetic and sensual dreamscape to experience the fascination of the intangible.

MADE is a Berlin-based 430m2 space, offering creative minds a free platform to exchange ideas and work together on interdisciplinary projects. Founded by artist tadiROCK with the wish to make unusual collaborations possible, MADE brings together artists from various fields and encourages them to work outside of comfort zones and daily routines.


Hermès Furniture

From April 12th to 17th 2011, Hermès took part in the Milan International Furniture Show for the first time. In a space specially conceived by Shigeru Ban and Jean de Gastines at La Pelota, on Via Palermo, Hermès presented a comprehensive range of designs for the home, including its first line of contemporary furniture, an extensive range of furnishing fabrics, wallpaper and carpets.

Under the aegis of Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the house showed a first collection of furniture produced in collaboration with eminent contemporary designers such as Enzo Mari, Antonio Citterio, Eric Benqué and Denis Montel.

The collections will be available from September 2011 at selected Hermès stores around the world.


Albert Watson Retrospective

Albert Watson has shot over 200 covers of Vogue around the world and more than 40 covers of Rolling Stone since he started his career as a photographer in the 1970s. Apart from that, he is renowned for his work in fashion, celebrity and art photography. Being featured in galleries and museums worldwide, the photographs of the native-born Scotsman, who is blind on one eye, are considered as timeless and iconic.

Kahman Gallery will show 30 black and white photographs taken from the oeuvre of Albert Watson. The exhibition will take place from May 20th until July 9th 2011 in Amsterdam.

Kahmann Gallery
Lindengracht 35
1015 KB Amsterdam


Paper Cut Project

Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk's custom-made paper art installations are fueled by a love of fashion and an appreciation of the grace and nuance of this humble material. 

Paper Cut Project is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and its debut installation was for Jeffrey New York, back in January 2010. In April, Hermès commissioned a 30-piece collection of animal masks that models wore to open new boutiques in Europe and Asia. The pieces shown here are a few from the duo's latest project, a collection of wigs (Marie Antoinette meets 21st century) for the holiday windows of Toronto luxury retailer, The Hudson Bay Company.



Michael Kunze - Tick

November 20th - December 18th
Opening Friday, November 19th,
18:00 hrs - 20:00 hrs

CFA (Contemporary Fine Arts)
Am Kupfergraben 10
10117 Berlin



From October 29th to November 1st 2010, BLOOOM opens its doors for everyone whose creativity can’t be pressured into a rigid genre. Synchronized to ART.FAIR 21 - Fair for 21st Century Art - both will take place at the Staatenhaus am Rheinpark.

Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Auenweg 17, 50679 Cologne

Friday, October 29th to Monday, November 1st 2010
Friday to Sunday from 13:00 to 21:00 hrs, Monday from 12:00 to 20:00 hrs



Hedi Slimane’s fascination with American youth culture continues. His latest venture is a chrono-photography video project called I LOVE USA, produced with online fashion boutique Dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge fashion, is also devoted to cultivating art and encouraging the creative process with talented artists in the world of fashion, art, and music.

I LOVE USA, which debuted on October 10th, is the second installation in’s fashion film series. It follows Portent, last year’s collaboration with SHOWstudio and visionary photographer Nick Knight.

The project I LOVE USA will be included in a soon-to-be- released book and is also the name of an exhibit of Slimane’s work to be held in February 2011 at the Galerie Almine Rech in Paris.


Iris Schomaker – Come to the Edge

Berlin based artist Iris Schomaker, will display her first Benelux exhibition “Come to the Edge” at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam showing off her expressive large-scale watercolor and oil-works on paper featuring figures in various states of repose.

The show will consist purely of new works representing an arresting close-up of a single figure, lying reading, resting, sitting curled up, unaware of the viewer’s gaze because “it’s more like a sudden glimpse-something unexpected. These figures do not offer contact. Their faces are blank, vanishing.” As the artist herself said.

Is exactly this blankness that took Iris to project on to the image looking at the very anonymity of those faces as an invitation to the viewers to bring something of their own being surrounded by powerfully immersive and contemplative figures. Moreover the figures in the newer works from the German artist are often accompanied by a symbolic animal that is more idea, atmosphere, and energy, more a sprit guide that brings a strange, irritating and inspiring energy rather than a flesh and bones companion.

In muted shades of black and grey, with only the thinnest veil of oil wash in faded aquamarine or yellow, the overall impression of the palette is decidedly monochrome. The figures are resolutely not portraits; the final creation is given by a work of research through images of unknown people like photos, sketches, ripped pages of magazines, combined with her drawing and creativity, in order to give birth to an incredible mix between classic paintings and current graphic novels.

The exhibition will run until April 26th 2017


Emotions of the Athletic Body

Giorgio Armani may not be antagonising the wave of riotous change this season, but unruliness has never been his game. Armani has remained a respectable pillar of Italian fashion for its faithfulness to a fundamental aesthetic – a disciplined dress code which only surpasses itself with the passing of the seasons, embracing innovation and so setting the bar higher. On cue, SS17 sculpted an artful offering of the classic chrome color palette, burnished silver silks bleeding into the Persian blues of painterly prints. Fabrics fell with the weight of a feather, film-fine cardigans cutting across bodies to drape over gathered city shorts. Technicality tended to fluid fabrics, filing them with a terse edge, as laser cutting boned a skeletal lattice of ankle boots, and light trails traced satin shell tops as digi-prints. Florals blotted and blurred across bunched ruffled tea dresses and watery kimonos whose hems frothed a foam of macramé tassles. Tailoring, meanwhile, punctured blunt shapes in thermos-sealed neoprene, cropped jackets uncompromisingly ageless despite their advanced engineering. It’s no coincidence that Armani’s dexterity under discipline spawns an esteem for the mastery of sport. Staging at Milan’s Armani/Silos gallery, the designer has curated a photographic display depicting the admirable art of athletics. With shots dating from 1985 to the present day, images exude an enduring power and permanence printed onto imposing slabs of concrete, and feature the world’s most legendary athletes wearing Armani, sourced from campaigns, magazines and a previously unseen archive.

Emotions of the Athletic Body runs at Armani/Silos until November 27th 2016.


THE ART OF BANKSY To Open In Amsterdam

THE ART OF BANKSY exhibition will open from the 18th June until the 30th September, marking as the biggest display celebrating the British graffiti artist’s work and showing more than 85 of his creations. The curator is Steve Lazarides, Banksy’s former agent and friend, who with a team of 80 has been collating his work for over a year. Although the man behind the art has still yet to be exposed, his work is globally recognized expressing funny, satirical and political messages. As his work is placed outdoors, the passer-by and spectator is left to appreciate and reflect. The infamous drawings ‘Girl and Balloon’ and ‘Laugh Now’ will also be situated at the exhibition, based at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam.


Ulay at MOT International

One year after the idea found footing in the pages of ZOO Issue 47, the life-size collages of Ulay will now take the form of a physical exhibition. Staged at the MOT International in Brussels, Anagrammatic Bodies presents a series of life-size collages: fragmented full-body compositions which merge the figures of models who make up a mix of gestures, genders and generations. In many ways, this new series can be regarded an extension of the founding values that rendered Ulay a luminary of 1970s photography, his idiosyncratic stare an inadvertent appraisal of identity, but an inevitable one, at that. Ulay’s artistic awareness was ignited in early childhood, exposed in them most immediate sense to the atrocities of World War II. His ‘anti-aesthetic’ is one salvaged from the ruins of his environment; the loss of his father in early childhood, together with his mother’s subsequent social withdrawal, imposed on Ulay the charge to tether his own upbringing, establishing an identity through his smoothing of the splinters. In a quite sinister instance of child’s play, the dismemberment and consequent reassembly of a sparrow – innocently slain at the hands of he and his friends – would unwittingly divine a direction for Ulay’s formative future output. His Anagrammatic Aphorisms of the mid-70s segmented and then pieced together the performative traits of his character, a visceral dissection of the social, sexual roles of individuals outlined as ‘the other’, finding subjects in the transvestite and transsexual subcultures of Amsterdam, and more often than not, himself. Ulay’s evocative application of the human body as an articulation of identity holds as much meaning then as it does today – his reshuffled female figures immortalized in the pages of ZOO last year pointing to the collective tacit strength of character. Now installed at Brussels’ MOT International gallery as part of Ulay’s Come On exhibition, their life-size proportions prevail with an indomitable power.

Come On will be on show at the MOT International, Brussels, from 12th May – 16th July 2016.


FEIT’s Man vs. Machine

On the left: thousands of rattling wheels set off sparks. Every move is programmed; every step repeats itself. On the right: a needle is slowly plunged into leather, pulling through a thread as if in slow motion. Man Vs. Machine, shoe brand FEIST’s new film endeavor, sets against each other fast-paced fabrication and traditional craftsmanship. Produced by Benjamin Millepied and directed by New York filmmaker Jack Riccobono, the movie splits the screen into two scenes, one showing the frantic processes of machine fabrication while the other displays dedicated, handmade manufacturing. The intention behind the clip is to highlight the rhythm, skill and artistry of crafting shoes by hand. In a world where the footwear industry is a billion dollar business with production numbers increasing every year, FEIT is ready to make a difference. Premiered at the New Museum New York, the movie relies on FEIST-founder Tull Price’s new belief of luxury: according to him, real luxury lies in responsibility and taking a stand rather than giving in to needless excess. Man Vs. Machine highlights this once more when at the end, the craftsman presents his finished work: a handmade boot shining in all its glory. Underlined with a fine classical music composition, the moment of reveal seems almost angelic. We’d say the score is pretty obvious: Man Vs. Machine, 1:0.

“Man Vs. Machine” was premiered at the New Museum New York along with a live presentation of manufacturing and the presentation of FEIT’s F/W 16 collection.


Anselm Kiefer Retrospective at Centre Pompidou

The core of French exhibition locations, Paris’ Centre Pompidou hosts a retrospective of the œuvres of famous German artist Anselm Kiefer. Starting last December, the exhibition is set to run until April 16 and features over 150 pieces from the artist’s career. Since Kiefer has been active for several decades, the exhibition will include works from the 1960s until now. Around 60 paintings from important collections around the world are united for the first time and accompanied by other graphic works, sculptures and installations. Since the start of his career, Kiefer’s work has been defined by the usage of multiple techniques that transfer into the possibility of a broad interpretation. He was an important contributor to the revival of German paintings in the 1970s, along with much worshipped colleagues like Gerhard Richter and Georg Baselitz. For anyone who wants to get lost in the world of a thoughtful, artistic genius, a trip to the Centre Pompidou should be on the list for early 2016.


Volez, Voguez, Voyagez: a Journey With Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has quite literally dusted off the suitcases. For the exhibition “Volez, Voguez, Voyagez”, the French fashion house retraces its own history back to the very beginning in 1854. Presented in nine rooms at the Grand Palais in Paris, the exhibition contains travel items from archives and Paris fashion museum Palais Galliera. Viewers can even catch a glimpse at never before seen travel items from private possessions and institutions. Curated by Olivier Saillard, the exhibition takes place until the 21st of February 2016. For all those who can’t make it, the brand has released a unique and poetic movie exclusively for the exhibition, titled “Never Ending Story”. As for us, we wish that the journey with Louis Vuitton indeed would never end.


Paris Photo

Beginning today is the 19th edition of the exceptional photography fair, Paris Photo. Held in the Grand Palais it brings together 147 prestigious, international galleries in a celebration of the photographic medium. Curated by the official partners of Paris Photo, several intriguing exhibitions will highlight the world’s most impressive photography projects, from already established artists and exciting emerging talent. Alongside these will be the conversational “Platform”, the “Private Collection” exhibition welcoming Italian collector Enea Righi, whilst the 4th edition of the Photobook Awards will acknowledge 3 projects out of 1000 submissions!

New to this year’s fair is “PRISMES”, an exhibition supported by Giorgio Armani, which promotes out of the ordinary series from photographers such as Daido Moryama, Paul Graham and Stephan Schenk. Not only this, but the novel “BOOK MACHINE” will run – an initiative bringing together the newest photographic talent with public participants through the creation of books…whether you are an expert, an enthusiast, a collector or just a passer by, Paris Photo is worth exploring.

The Paris Photo fair is held at the Grand Palais, Paris, from November 12-15, 2015.


Official Paris Photo Partner, Giorgio Armani presents ACQUA#6

As part of this year’s Paris Photo, to which Giorgio Armani became an official partner back in 2011, the designer will be presenting the sixth installment of his “ACQUA” exhibitions. It seems that the earthly element has provided him with a constant source of inspiration and not only for his fashion expedites but for his civic duty as well. Armani began the “Acqua for Life” project with the Green Cross International several years ago, which has since provided millions of liters of drinking water to communities in need, primarily in Ghana and Bolivia.

Now, amidst 140 exhibiting galleries hosted at the Grand Palais, all offering historical and contemporary photographic artworks, is ACQUA#6 “Reflecting on Water”. The annual exhibition sees various photographic conceptualizations of “water” from young and emerging artists, as chosen by Armani. This year, Lucien Clergue and Lee Friedlander are among those participating, whilst Noémie Goudal’s “Observatoire X” provides its official photo.

ACQUA#6 will be on display on the first floor of the Salon d’Honneur, at the Grand Palais, Paris, from 12 to 15 November, 2015.


Bryan Adams: Exposed

Musician, photographer and founder of ZOO Magazine, Bryan Adams is nothing if not a multitasker. Self-taught, Adams’ photographic material has earned him several distinctions, including two of the German LeadAwards. Primarily focusing on fashion and portraits of celebrities, his work captures the energy and personality of each subject, who have included the likes of Amy Winehouse, Mick Jagger and even Queen Elizabeth II (which, for any collectors out there, actually made it’s way onto Canadian stamps).

His first book of photos entitled “Exposed” is now celebrated in exhibition form, welcoming visitors to see first hand his most remarkable images, in a comprehensive retrospect. The exhibition will run until November 28, 2015, at the Young Gallery, Brussels.


Art-Lovers Assemble: Berlin Art Week 2015 is Upon Us

2015 sees Berlin Art Week run again for the fourth time with the help of main sponsor, Deutsche Bank. Over 6 days the city will host a diverse range of exciting Contemporary Art events. The joint project STADT/BILD (Image of a City) features across several galleries, whilst there is also the art fair Positions Berlin and a number of awards including the Preis der Nationalgalerie 2015.

To mark the occasion, all over the city there will be striking exhibitions opening, including collections from the likes of Cindy Sherman, Paul McCarthy and Bernard Frize. This year, for the first time, Berlin Art Week will also offer a number of thought-provoking panel discussions of Talking Galleries/Berlin.

According to Tim Renner, Senate Chancellery – Cultural Affairs, “Berlin Art Week reflects the city’s great variety as an art centre. Top-notch excellence and underground meet at eye level”. With so much going on, Berlin Art Week will surely be the focus of the art world for the next week.

Berlin Art Week commences on September 15, 2015, and runs until September 20, 2015.


The “Serial Classic” Exhibition Makes Space for Unique Learning Opportunity

The Fondazione Prada have announced that in dismantling their “Serial Classic” exhibition, a unique opportunity for study and learning will be on offer. Over the weeks that this process will take place in Rem Koolhaas’ impressive Podium, Milan, two external walkways will be erected alongside it allowing the public to witness the process. Additionally, groups of university students will be invited to enter the exhibition space and enjoy chatting with experts, technicians, conservators and other professionals.

The “Serial Classic” exhibition itself included more than 60 artworks acquired from other museums on a global scale. It focused on themes of serialities and copies, in regard to Greek and Roman sculpture. We commonly associate the classical period with notions of uniqueness and originality, however there is no other time frame in Western Art History that has seen imitations of other masterpieces been considered so importantly as in late Republican Rome and the Imperial age.

The project is presented from August 28, 2015 for around three weeks and includes daily research sessions.


MACE Announces Summer Collab with LOEWE for John Allen Collection

In collaboration with British artist John Allen, LOEWEs’ creative director J.W. Anderson recently released a quirky line of bags for the brand, featuring the striking landscape prints that Allen is famous for.

This original collection of canvas bags, featuring the pieces “Falling Leaves”, “Cornish Harbour” and Pink House in Cumbria”, have proven to be hugely successful for LOEWE and showcase Allens’ unique style of creating beautiful, abstract scenes using dramatic colours.

Continuing this celebration of fashion, art and culture, LOEWE have agreed to join with the Association of Friends of the Museum of Contemporary Arts in Ibiza (MACE) in opening a Summer Shop in the museum. This will be open from 28 July – 6 September at MACE, located in the Dalt Vila, or IBIZAs’ historic region, and feature LOEWEs’ extraordinary John Allen collection.


Art Basel June 18 – 21

The premier international art show for Modern and Contemporary work, Art Basel brings together an impressive amalgam of leading galleries worldwide to the very heart of Europe. Every artistic medium is represented, from painting, sculpture, installations and videos to prints, photography and performance. Described as the ‘Olympics of the Art World’, around 300 galleries from across the globe will ascend upon the Swiss town to view more than 4000 artists. Galleries such as MOT International, Esther Schipper, Zeno X Gallery and Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi will be presenting wide arrays of artists including Wu Tsang, Anton Corbijn, Roman Ondák and Elisabeth Price.

Ulay, Retouching Bruises, 1975. Stand J10
Phillippe Parreno, Speech Bubbles. Hall 2.1. Booth S1.
Michaël Borremans, The Horse, 2015. Hall 2.1, Booth P4
Wu Tsang, DAMELO TODO // ODOT OLEMAD, 2010-2011/14.
Laure Prouvost, It Heat Hit, 2010. Stadtkino Basel, Klostergasse 5, June 16.

In addition to the display of great masters and emerging talents, the show offers a program packed with informative and inspiring events, from symposiums, to films and artist talks. Talks on offer include artist talks presented by Danish artist Danh Vö and Curator Manuela Ammer, to conversations surrounding the public and private spheres of art globally. Among many others on this impressive rooster is Curator of the Serpentine Gallery Hans Ulrich Obrist, Solveig Øvstebø, executive Director and Chief Curator of The Renaissance Society and the artist Wael Shawky.

As one of the many artists present, founding father of performance art Ulay will exhibit parts of his new and previous works. Following his recent collaboration with ZOO, issues of ZOO No. 47 will also be present at his stand.


HUGO BOSS Asia Art Award 2015

Rockbound Art Museum (RAM) are partnering for the second edition of HUGO BOSS ASIA ART. Conceived and curated by the Rockbound Art Museum, the biannual award honors emerging contemporary Asian artists.

The award is handed to an emerging Asian artist, whose works, along with the participants, will be exhibited at RAM from 30 October 2015 until 3 January 2016. Won for the first time in 2013 by Kwan Sheung Chi, the artworks for the 2015 event will be new commissions made purposefully for the award event. Composed of chair Larys Frogier, Director of the Rockbund Art Museum in Shanghai, advisory committee members Alexandra Munroe, Senior curator of Asian Art at the Guggenheim and curator and critic Hou Hanru among others, the HUGO BOSS awards is a gathering of Asian Art connoisseurs. Branching beyond the Chinese artists, this year’s awards have extended its selection to Southeast Asia.

Chinese contemporary art is experiencing a great deal of interest, with increasingly emerging awareness of its international presence. Intended to showcase the artists’ vision, the exhibition had no overarching theme. Following exhibitions in Europe such as the recent Focus Beijing at the Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and the first major exhibition of Chinese contemporary art at the MET, Ink Art in 2014, Asian art is positioning itself strongly in the international art sphere.

The HUGO BOSS Arts program aims at encouraging an exchange between the fashion and arts fields. To discover more about the program, go to:


Paris Photo Los Angeles 2015

Held on May 1st – 3rd, the annual spring art fair was presented by Paramount Pictures studios in Los Angeles. The blank canvas to the many bodies of work on display, the space featured 79 leading galleries and art book dealers from 17 countries worldwide. The public program was built around international cultural events, artists, art world professionals, collectors and institutions.

Artists and curators such as Pierre Bismuth, Jonathan Griffin (editor, Frieze Magazine) and Pauline J. Yao (Curator, M+, Hong Kong) engaged audiences with dialogues both practical and philosophical about the image in contemporary society in the Sound & Vision series. Exhibitors highlighted artists taken by diverse subjects and techniques – from the cinematic close ups of Ori Gersht, presented by the gallery ART LEXÏNG to the multilayered artifice of reflection in landsapes by Zoé T. Vizcaíno by DOCUMENT ART.

Presented by J.P. Morgan, UNEDITED! – An unveiling of never-before-seen photographic material and INTRODUCING! – The Young California Photographer Award was given for the first time to the UCLA Arts MFA student CJ Heyliger. Paris Photo also displayed a selection of artworks from the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection. The pieces in SPOTLIGHT! explore themes of identity, landscape and abstraction and included contemporary artists such as Thierry Fontaine, Ori Gersht and Thomas Ruff.

Images top to bottom:
CJ Heyliger
Zoé T. Vizcaíno Umbral
R.J. Arnold
Arden Ellis Surdam
Daido Moriyama

To read more, visit


Savage Beauty at the Victoria & Albert

When we look at the past few decades of British fashion, we can conclude quite quickly that Alexander McQueen has been one of the most innovative and creative designers. The board of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London has therefore decided to celebrate McQueen’s genius with an exhibition called “Savage Beauty”. It takes you through his life, mind and work and shows you his passions for romanticism and curiosities.

Portrait of Alexander McQueen, 1997 photographed by Marc Hom. © Marc Hom/Trunk Archive

It’s Only a Game, Spring/Summer 2005. Image: firstVIEW

The exhibition can be visited every day, until the 2nd of August of this year.


Scugnizzi by Brett Lloyd

‘Scugnizzi’, the title of photographer Brett Lloyd’s new book, refers to the local kids in Naples who spend their summers hanging out on the city’s poorest beaches.

The Neapolitans are far from shy; they embrace themselves and their bodies, making for perfect photographic subjects. Over two summers, Lloyd captured these youths and their older peers, creating a catalogue of alluring, emotive and highly personal mementos.

‘Scugnizzi’, published by 'Dashwood Books NYC', will be launched on 10 December, 2014, at the ‘Donlon Books’ in London.


Berlin Art Film Festival

'Nan Goldin - I Remember Your Face' (2014) Sabine Lidl, languages: English, German, subtitles: English

The first ever edition of the Berlin Art Film Festival will reveal a new side to the always-bustling metropolis. Privately funded and organised by the people behind the 'Stil in Berlin' blog, the four-day festival will show more than 30 films (“from poetry to porn”), all of which are either in English or with English subtitles. What's more, a number of filmmakers and actors will also be present for the screenings and the two panel discussions.

The highlights include 'An Interview With an Artist', a short film about an American artist (played by film professor and curator Marc Siegel), who would much rather talk about underwear than anything substantial, and 'Ich Will Mich Nicht Künstlich Aufregen / Asta Upset', which tells the story of a young and fairly secure art curator in Berlin, still trying to figure it out.

'I Remember Your Face', the Sabine Lidl-directed documentary about controversial photographer Nan Goldin, will close the festival. The film will also see its German premiere.

Berlin Art Film Festival: 4 – 7 December, 2014

'An Interview With an Artist' (2011) Telémachos Alexiou, language: English, no subtitles

'Asta Upset' (2014) Max Linz, languages: German/ English, subtitles: English/German


Urs Fischer at Sadie Coles HQ

Presented by Sadie Coles HQ in London, the Urs Fischer exhibition comprises of new paintings by the artist that consist of four large-scale works and are a part of the first show that Fischer has dedicated exclusively to painting.

Abstract paintwork is placed onto a photographic reproduction of an interior to create pieces of artwork that detail Fischer’s everyday environment at his home in Los Angeles and in his studio in Brooklyn. Predominantly featuring still life and abstraction, styles that are well practised by Fischer, the paintings reflect a long-running fixation with insubstantiality and compose of vivid spatters and squeegee-style flourishes.

Switzerland born Urs Fischer has had solo shows throughout Europe and the USA as well as recent major exhibitions at MOCA in Los Angeles, Palazzo Grassi in Venice, Italy, and Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna. The exhibition will run from 5th June to 2nd August 2014.


Miron Zownir - Down and Out in Moscow

Depicting a 1995 Moscow, German-Ukrainian photographer Miron Zownir has produced a photobook showcasing the heart breaking and tragically vivid reality that he witnessed during his summer trip.  

Displaying the dark side of humanity through his photography, Zownir captures the true despair of 1995 Russia, portraying homeless people rotting alive covered by flies and old women starving to death on the pavements. In the climax of the post-Soviet economic transformation crisis, Russia’s extreme privatization programs transported the country into catastrophe and the transfer of state property into the hands of the oligarchs who supported the government led to the impoverishment and homelessness of millions of people.

It is this disturbing picture that is captivatingly captured throughout the photobook, chronicling a dark period in Russia’s history in a fascinating manner.

Taking up photography in the late 70s, Zownir has worked in capitals Berlin, London and New York and reveals an honest and revealing insight into inner-city sub-cultural spheres. Characteristic yet undoubtedly exposing, Zownir’s work astounds many and showcases storytelling through art.


Sarah Lucas Furniture at Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano

As an artist who once famously delineated the reclining female nude with “Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab”, tongue-in-cheek mundanity comes as second nature to Sarah Lucas. It's hardly surprising, then, that upon turning her hand to furniture design, she would reach for the most humdrum resources in construction: concrete blocks encased in a laconic MDF shell.

Having made a brief cameo at her Absolute Beach Man Rubble exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery in London last year, the banal rationality of her blockwork benches was officially unveiled at last week's Salone Internazionale del Mobile design fair in Milan. But in fact, the artist's foray into furniture design is not as erratic as it first seems; since her 1997 Bunny series, Lucas has exploited the humble chair as a stand-in for the human body, stuffed tights stretched and splayed across stools as a denotation of sexual availability. Now, incidentally, real bodies take the seat.

As irony would have it, such stripped-back austerity makes for quite the compelling arrangement; sober though it may be, texture takes tips from brutalism, adopting the elaborate grain of the cast from which it was set. Under the aptly unvarnished title of Sarah Lucas Furniture, chairs, tables and a free-standing partition wall comprise a skeleton collection that is every bit as explicit as it looks. But then, since when was Sarah Lucas one to bite her tongue?

Sarah Lucas Furniture is available to order at


Art Cologne

Art Cologne allows visitors and exhibitors alike to view and experience first class, contemporary works of art from the 20th and 21st century. The show includes around 200 spectacular international galleries which comprise of ‘New Contemporaries’ showcasing work from the 21st century and ‘New Positions’ displaying the work of dedicated and talented solo artists.

Michael Neubürger, Brothers in Arms, 2014, 142 x 188cm, L.A. Galerie, Frankfurt

 Slavs and Tatars, Love Letter No. 2, 2013, wool, yarn, 247 x 247cm, Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin

Debuting in 1967, Art Cologne’s inventers Hein Stünke and Rudolf Zwirner developed the idea when public interest and development veered towards the art trade with a new art scene being born out of the Rhineland. The 2014 showcase will debut a new gallery entitled ‘Collaborations’ which will display the work of participating galleries in a jointly planned project. As well as the galleries, various events, festivals and shows will take place during the exhibition, making it one of Germany’s must see events of the year. Art Cologne 2014 will commence on Thursday 10th April and continue onto Sunday 13th April.

 Mwangi Hutter, Be Present, 2014, Photograph, Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin | Beijing

 Carlos Rolon/Dzine, Trophy Room, Arthur Abraham, 2013, C-print in custom frame. 203 x 122cm, Henrik Springman, Berlin



How much power has a face or to be exact, how much can an image without a face have? The upcoming exhibition 'FACELESS' curated by artist Bogomir Doringer, explores the common occurrence of images of hidden faces in the fields of fashion, art and media. For Bogomir Doringer, the context of sociopolitical studies led to critical and deep thoughts in art. 9/11 had an impact on his interest on 'facelessness' ever since, as afterwards images of masked faces of terrorists became dominant in the media. And so an on-going process of the idea of masking started and now delves into this ambitious exhibition.

The show will host over hundred pieces from young and renowned artists, furthermore masks by designers such as Maison Martin Margiela, Jun Takahashi and and Katsuya Kamo will be showcased. Under the theme 'to see but not be seen', the exhibition opens on Saturday, the 25th at the Mediamatic with live performances.

The show will be on from the 26th of January till the13th of April 2014 at the Mediamatic, Amsterdam.


Sarah Lucas: 'SITUATION Absolute Beach Man Rubble'

The Whitechapel Art Gallery presents an exclusive retrospective of remarkable artist Sarah Lucas supported by French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton. Hold in Lucas' hometown London, the exhibition 'SITUATION Absolute Beach Man Rubble' brings together some of her most iconic works, including famous pieces from 1989 till present. Her exceptional sculptures, objects and installations have established the British artist as one of the most important art figures of her generation. Being part of the Young British Artists movement in the late 80ies and early 90ies, Lucas took part in several significant group exhibitions, such as Damien Hirst-led Freeze (1988) or Sensation (1997), an exhibition of the collection of contemporary art owned by Charles Saatchi. Born in 1962, she graduated from the BA Fine Art course at prestigious London College Goldsmiths in the age of twenty-five years and instantly had success in the international art scene, as her art-objects always have been epitome for absurd, grotesque and bawdy humour. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp, found objects and throw-away materials draw from past to present through  Lucas‘ work. Many of her early works include clothes, furnitures, food, used as stand-ins for the body, or to create erotically charged scenarios. Lucas has the approach to make sexist stereotypes and role allocation between men and women visible, yet clearly subvert them within her provocative statements.

Two decades of works by Sarah Lucas are presented throughout the lower and upper floors of the Gallery including 'Bunny Gets Snookered‘, stuffed and stretched nylon tights, in form of a 'bunny girl' considered as one of Lucas' internationally well-known key pieces. Another eye-catcher is a multi-breasted sculpture and extraordinary bronze sculptures, in which two genders melt into one. Furthermore, portraits of Lucas at her base in Suffolk taken by artist renowned photographer Juergen Teller are exposed on the walls, next to monochrome portraits by artist Julian Simmons taken from their recent publication Tittipussidad.

The exhibition is on until the 15th of Dec- ember 2013 in the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London (Galleries 1, 8 & Victor Petitgas Gallery). Furthermore, various gallery talks, audio descriptions and performances on Sarah Lucas are happening within the exhibition.


Aitor Throup's 'New Object Research'

'New Object Research' by London-based artist and designer Aitor Throup is an exclusive ready-to-wear clothing and accessories line with an approach to create highly innovative and conceptual pieces dedicated to new concepts and products. To celebrate the global launch of this project, Aitor Throup set-up an installation of his outstanding objects at Dover Street Market in occasion of London's Art Fair Frieze. "New Object Research is about product design, not fashion design. The problem solving process allows itself to focus on singular objects, rather than looks or collections," explains Aitor Throup in his conceptual Design Manifesto.

His concerns about concepts and philosophy of working processes make his work even more deep and special. In assembling his former four different attempts entitled 'When Football Hooligans become Hindu Gods', 'On the Effects of Ethnic Stereotyping', 'Magnolia' and 'The Funeral of New Orleans',  the young and talented designer captures the most important processes he went through during the past seven years after graduating from the Royal College of Art. Throup's main interest is studying the human body in a three-dimensional way and process the pre-drafts in his his remarkable designs. His items and garments always refer to a deep context of socio-cultural and environmental issues. “As for example relating to the terrorist atrocities on the London Underground on July 7, 2005, when a any brown-skinned man riding the Tube with a black rucksack became an object of intense suspicion. This link makes Aitor Throup's garments highly charged and adds a comment on the power of clothes to shape perceptions and preconceptions", explains fashion journalist Tim Blanks about Throup's work.

Key items of this highly aesthetical collection include caps, rucksacks with innovative fastenings, jackets mosty in a black colour palette. All trousers have built-in precision engineered articulated foot covers with Kevlar soles, which can allow the wearer to wear them over their feet as a replacement for conventional footwear. The catalogue of 'New Object Research' was captured in great video work featuring British guitarist and songwriter Sergio Pizzorno. 'New Object Research' is currently showcased in an exclusive installation at Dover Street Market in London and Tokyo, Atelier in New York, H. Lorenzo in Los Angeles, I.T. in Hong Kong and Beijing, and Rail in Brescia, Italy.


Wolfgang Joop, Richard Müller and Mel Ramons exhibition in Leipzig

Don‘t miss the upcoming exhibition of ‘Die Schöne und das Biest‘ (‘The Beauty and the Beast‘) at the ‘Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig‘. The exhibition will showcase a total of around 150 paintings, prints and drawings by the three unique artists Mel Ramons, Richard Müller and fashion designer and painter Wolfgang Joop. Renowned artist Mel Ramons -an icon of Pop Art of the 20th century- focuses in his paintings the sense of a female body on a high graphical level. Mel Ramos became known in the 1960s through his commercial erotically-charged paintings, in which he placed Pin-up‘s next to consumer products such as Coca Cola bottles, chocolate bars or cigars.

The exhibition opens on 12 October 2013 at 18.00 and will be on from 13 October 2013 until 12 Janury 2014.


Illustrative Berlin 2013

Dawning on the arts calendar once every two years, Illustrative Festival has tantalized and tormented since its last edition – a yearning that can now be put to rest, as Illustrative has landed in its hometown of Berlin, just in time to catch the last wave of summer.

A full-bodied ten-day line-up of graphic art and illustration will provide the perfect distraction to collectors, galleries and humble fans all the same, united by their mutual craving of freshly-baked, exhilarating creativity. The venue of the Direktorenhaus will transform into a hotbed for discussion and appreciation of prospective graphic trends and talents, inspiring in spades along the way with its inexhaustible showcase of disciplines from across the trade; works grace the more orthodox media of paintings, prints and sketches with their never-conventional statements, to the more conceptual formats of monumental graphics, sculpture, animation and installation. More than just an art exhibition, Illustrative has laid-on workshops, events, pop-up project spaces, live painting and a film programme, as well a rather intriguingly-named ‘illustrious wine-tasting’. Such an inspiring schedule, it goes without question: this is illustrative of how all art festivals should be.

Illustrative Berlin runs between August 31st – September 8th.


H. Craig Hanna at Laurence Esnol Gallery

Breeding such talent as Keith Haring and David LaChappelle, it's no suprise that art critics and collectors alike look to New York's School of Visual Arts as a tip-off for finding artists about to flourish. Upon graduating as a Master of Fine Arts in 1996, it was only a matter of months before figurative painter H. Craig Hanna would secure an early eminence in the art world, bestowed an entire floor by the Bergdorf Goodman Gallery after a department store executive happened to see Hanna sketching and was struck by his hauntingly unfinished realism. The exhibition was a sell-out, and since then, Hanna has risen to acclaim as two-time winner of the BP Portrait Award and internationally showcasing artist. Since 2008, Hanna has been platformed at exhibits of the Laurence Esnol Gallery in Paris, where his work now claims permenant and exclusive residence.

Comparable in style to his cited inspirations of Egon Schiele and Lucian Freud, Hanna's distorted portraits occupy a less than orthodox canvas, their inky spectrums bleeding from raw wood and impassive linen, creating a striking contrast between subject and medium. Portraits are approached with the age-old modus of the great masters, taking diptych format to play with subjects and surroundings. Composed with a traditional eye, Hanna misconstrues his more classical references to Titian, Rembrandt and Whistler, ad-libbing instead with a lucid surrealism.


Bourgeoisie, Swing and Molotov Cocktails: Amerika Haus Through the Ages

More than the vacant architectural souvenir from the '50s it currently stands to be, Berlin's Amerika Haus was the backdrop to quite a movement in 20th century social change.

Its beginnings trace back to the late 1940s, originally designed to counteract the Nationalist Socialist past of the location, and dissipate anti-American sentiments that had found their way into politics for decades past. Through the '50s, Amerika Haus offered access to American culture and politics, with German citizens able to explore a library of US literature, magazines, theatre, films and concerts, or attend English courses. Since then, the institution has transformed itself in various incarnations; during the time of the Berlin wall, Amerika Haus became a place for the re-education of the Germans, a location for anti-communist propaganda, and from the '70s, a run-of-the-mill regional cultural centre.

Over the years of anti-American protest that saw eggs and Molotov cocktails thrown at the building, and with the terror attacks on September 11th, the building has become increasingly closed off – almost a fortress with its high fences and rolling grilles. Adopted by C/O Berlin, Amerika Haus is soon to house the gallery's exhibitions, at last reconnecting with its primordial function. Until doors open in Spring 2014, displays will occupy the authentic open-air surroundings of its exterior, with Amerika Haus Through the Ages kicking things off as its first free 24 hour exhibition, on show until September 15th.


Padiglione Crepaccio at

With La Biennale's 55th International Art Festival in full swing, the eyes of the art world are firmly locked on Venice, but through the seductive glamour of the festivities, the local artists of the city can lay overlooked. Il Crepaccio, a cosy restaurant in Milan, has made it's name as the atypical launch pad for budding creative talent, known for placing the seemingly unattainable art world within reach of both artists and admirers. For the duration of the festival, the venue has joined forces with to extend its initiative to the wider world.

Padiglione Crepaccio presents The Venetians. The project shines a light on a group of ten young natives by launching an online platform for their work, alongside biographies and interviews ito explain the concepts by the artists themselves. Coinciding with the city's venerated festival, pieces will be available to view and to purchase until the close of La Biennale in November.


BC Gallery Opening Berlin

Urban and contemporary arts is what the BC Gallery focuses on and by opening a new gallery space in Berlin Friedrichshain, the gallery will definitely play an important part in furthering the development of the street art scene. Photographer and street art collector Nick Bargezi and L.A. Gallery owner Seth Carmichael are the brand new owners of the BC Gallery in Friedrichshain.

The gallery celebrates its grand opening on the 26th of April, just in sync with the Berlin Gallery Weekend. The space of the new BC Gallery is divided into two locations, guaranteeing every artist the perfect backdrop and ambience for their art. A gallery in the traditional sense with a clean and empty space awaits the visitor in the Libauer Straße, while the second location is in the RAW area, which is already famous for its flourishing culture spots and various graffitis.

“It was important for us to have a good starting point, which we have achieved with a strong line up,” says Nick Bargezi. He has a good reason to be ravished by the line up of artists exhibiting in their gallery the following season. Among them are artists such as the social awareness raising artist Bumblebee from L.A., the Ukrainian duo Interesni Kazki, Chilean street artist INTI as well as the Columbian duo of Stinkfish, who often change photographs of children in the most fascinating and surprising ways.


Finding Balthus in the Fog by Hisaji Hara

One day in 2005 the Japanese artist Hisaji Hara was inspired by the paintings of Balthus and slowly the idea of recreating his portraits of young girls came to her mind. Instead of painting she would use photography as a medium, but try to recreate the same atmosphere that characterizes Balthus's images. This hotography series entitles Finding Balthus in the Fog currently showing at the Reflex New Art Gallery in Amsterdam.

Impressed by the authenticity of Balthus' paintings, Hara strived to create the same authentic feel in her photography. Using fog to emphasize aerial perspectives and shifts in focus during multiple exposures made her achieve a sense of depth and interpretive perspectives. Working with two models only, the Japanese artist recreated all the familiar and unnatural poses in the space of a vacant sanatorium.
Hara cast young Japanese models as the subject of the photographs and dressed them up in school uniforms. They reminded of school girls characters in anime or lolicon cartoons and reflect upon the way Balthus' portraiture of young girls had sexual connontations to them.

The exhibition is viewable until the 11th of May at the Reflex New Art Gallery located at Weteringschans 83 in Amsterdam. The gallery is open Tuesdays till Saturdays from 10-18 hrs each day.


Art Paris Art Fair 2013

From the 28th of March til the 1st of April the Art Paris Art Fair takes over the space of the Grand Palais and brings artists from all over the world together. In 2013 the international dimension of the fair is one of its most important features, as 43% of the participants come from abroad. 20 different countries are represented by 144 exhibitors, giving insight into the cultural and artistic scene of their countries. In total 1,500 artistis are going to be on display.

This year the Art Paris Art Fair puts its focus on the art scenes of the East, from anything from Central and Eastern Europe to the Middle East and Asia. The guest of honour is Russia and a central space of the art fair will host 11 galleries from a number of Russian cities. Many European galleries will present the work of Russian artists, showcasing Russian art from the 1930s til today.
Other sections of the art fair include a space to discover new talents by inviting young galleries, which have been established for less than five years and were never part of the fair before. A special arts book sale and a platform for exploring links between design and art are part of the fair as well.

The Grand Palais and the entrance to the Art Paris Art Fair 2013 are located at Avenue Winston Churchill, 75008 Paris.


Made in Mind by Marta Gnyp

ZOO Magazine #28, Eoin McHugh

Earlier this year the Dutch art historian Marta Gnyp published her book Made in Mind – Myths and Realities of the Contemporary Artist. The book is made up of a collection of interviews with important personalities of the contemporary art scene and gives an insight into the minds and ways of thinking of a number of artists.

ZOO Magazine #30, Urs Fischer

Marta is regularly contributing interesting stories to ZOO Magazine and in fact many of the interviews featured in the book have previously pubished in ZOO Magazine. Marta Gnyp talked to Ai WeiWei in issue #26 about his ways of inspiring Chinese culture, to Valérie Favre in #27 about the representation of suicide in her art, to Boris Mikhailov in #34 about him working in the Soviet Union, to the Scandinavian duo Elmgreen & Draghurst in #36 about working together after breaking up and to Ulay in #37 about his upbringing that shaped him as the person he is now. Among the other artists she interviewed for ZOO Magazine were Berlinde de Bruychere, Urs Fischer, Subodh Gupta, Terence Koh, Michael Kunze, Eoin McHugh, Matthew Monahan, Robin Rhode, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Thomas Schütte and Arthur Zmijewski.

ZOO Magazine #29, Berlinde de Bruyckere

Gnyp discovers private motivations and ambitions in the artists’ work and analyses the context in which artworks are produced and presented. It’s an insight into the mechanics of relationships of artists and art institutions, collectors and the art market as well as a peek into how these relationships have shifted and continue to change in the globalized and fast-paced world of today. The book is released by the Swedish publisher Art and Theory.

ZOO Magazine #37, Ulay

ZOO Magazine #36, Elmgreen & Dragset

ZOO Magazine #34, Boris Mikhailov

ZOO Magazine #33, Robin Rhode

ZOO Magazine #32, Pascale Marthine Tayou

ZOO Magazine #30, Subodh Gupta

ZOO Magazine #30, Artur Zmijewski

ZOO Magazine #30, Michael Kunze

ZOO Magazine #28, Terence Koh

ZOO Magazine #28, Matthew Monahan

ZOO Magazine #27, Valérie Favre

ZOO Magazine #27, Thomas Schütte

ZOO Magazine #26, Ai WeiWei


Magnificent Obsession by Matthias Brunner

Just in time for the start of the 63th Berlinale film festival, the Nolan Judin Gallery in Berlin presents its new exhibition “Magnificent Obsession – The Love Affair between Movies and Literature“. The video installation is a compilation of clips from 36 movie classics. They are selected by Swiss artist Matthias Brunner and all of them display a form of how literature and film unite.

The selected film clips are from the 50s and 60s, back when Hollywood was still more glamorous than it is today. Not only American films were selected though, also a large number of movies from the European film industry. The “Nouvelle Vague“ period is the main object of the exhibition, when scripts delved deep into the subject matters of the actual books. In contrast, films that only deal with stories of books in a superficial way are shown as well. However, the exhibition’s goal is not there to criticise or to compare European and American cinema. Its aim is to show the richness and variety of cross-over between literature and film.

The film stills of Kubrick's Lolita and Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451 are by Reto Guntli.

The opening takes place this Sunday, 10th of February from 11-14.30 hrs. The exhibition will run from the 12th of February until the 6th of April and opening times are 11-18 hrs from Tuesday to Saturday. The Nolan Judin Gallery is located Potsdamer Straße 83, 10785 Berlin.



Temperatures are below freezing and yet, Alexis Dornier, Ilija Bentscheff and team MADE just made Alexanderplatz a little cooler. The architect duo spent the past two months working on their BOTTLE LIGHT INSTALLATION. The basic concept sees 197 bottles of Absolut Vodka individually lit and assembled to create one giant bottle. Each 4.5 liter bottle functions as a pixel if you will. In itself, this sounds crazy. But MADE would not be where they are, if that would have been it. To push the boundaries of all things possible, the lighting program Alexis Dornier and Ilija Bentscheff came up with is interactive as they want the installation to be for the people to have fun with.

The BOTTLE LIGHT INSTALLATION is part of the ABSOLUT ART STREAM and on display at Berlin Alexanderplatz until December 30th 2012.



If you're in or around Berlin, make sure you visit RESEEN: A TRANSFORMATION OF VISUALISATIONs today or tomorrow. The exposition features 7 Berlin-based artists like Conny Dreher, Ebon Heath and Lukas Feireis who reinterpreted work by American photographer Jonathan Mannion. He photographed a variety of people, from Lance Armstrong to Missy Elliot and Bon Iver. The artists come from different disciplines like photography, fashion, painting, typography and illustration and together they form the MADE Project. See the video here and check out the blog.

September 4th-22nd, tues.-sat., 4pm- 7pm
Alexanderstrasse 7, 9th floor 10178 Berlin


Hester Scheurwater Shooting Back

Hester Scheurwater is coming out with a limited edtion artist's book. Editor Walter Keller says, 'Scheurwater's work evolves in the tradition of the self-portrait in photography. Think for example of Robert Mapplethorpe's sexually charged isual provacations or Francesca Woodman's  erotic mise-en-scene, to name only two artists. Scheurwater's visual self-explorations extend the boundaries of another main topic in art history and photography: the pose. In her pictures model and artist are one. Although it is sexually explicit work, it's even more a curious and smart research about herself, where the artist looks at herself from both sides of the mirror.' 

Title: Hester Scheurwater Shooting Back
Price: €135,-

The book is exclusively available through 



The COMME DES GARÇONS BLACK SHOP BERLIN reveals the second exhibition in its newly added space for artists from different disciplines. After its inauguration in April, Leo Babsky will be presenting new and recent works in the exhibition “Total Stature”.

Through Leo Babsky’s work the notion of failure is explored; both in concept and in form.

Starting with a physical gesture that is fused into material presence or a material presence that is engaged in an act. Objects hang in the balance of failure: they are propped up, get dumped, fall down and precariously balance. The works also allude to being something they are not: showing hints of surface and glamour but on second glance merely imply their material status.

Using minimalism and post-minimalism as a meta-language but adding subtle decorative, gesture-like elements, Babsky often references glossy aspects of contemporary life. However he exposes them to be lacking not in finish but in background, creating objects of appeal, which self-evidently shouldn’t be appealing: the failure is part of the success.

Leo Babsky lives and works in London and Berlin. He graduated in Fine Arts from Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London. Babsky recently had a solo exhibition in Stockholm and was selected for the SALON art price 2011. He has just completed a residency at the GlogauAIR artist residency program in Berlin.

The exhibition will be shown from 26th of May to 20th of June 2012 Opening Cocktail with the artist on 25th of May 2012 from 6pm to 9pm 


On Ballet

Professor Colin Jones was born in London in 1936, his creative life has followed an unorthodox path, taking him from a working-class childhood in the East End of London to dancing in the English Royal Ballet. Jones bought his first camera whilst on tour in Japan, running an errand for Dame Margot Fonteyn. He became a photographer for The Observer newspaper in 1962, and never looked back, becoming one of the most celebrated and prolific photographers of post-war Britain. He has documented many facets of social history over the years and has had many solo exhibitions including the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC and at the Photographers' Gallery in London, as well as at other venues internationally.

The exhibition is the result of a lifetime of photographing the English National Ballet and other great Ballet companies. It is because of his background and training in dance and his understanding of photography that this work is so exceptional. Jones understands that ballet dancers are athletes and he does not shield the viewer from the self-discipline and relentless hard work that is required to get to the top of world ballet. The portraits are not only of the earlier greats – Nureyev, Grey, Fonteyn – but also of contemporary dancers. The exhibition contains 40 images from this body of work and is a rare chance to see this astounding collection.

28. April - 26. May 2012
Preview 5. May, 6-8pm

Lucy Bell Fine Art
46 Norman Road
St. Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0EJ


Never Odd or Even

Never Odd or Even is an exhibition based on a project by Mariana Castillo Deball. The project is both a performance and a book consisting of 30 fictional book covers for non-existing books created by various authors and illustrators. Never Odd or Even is a text based exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Roskilde. Displayed are word-sculptures, word-images, wall texts, “write-along” animation films, mind maps and the likes.  The subtext of the exhibition is the written word's ability to activate an inner imaginative world for the spectator. It also engages in an architectural interaction with the museum space.  

From 14th January until 8th of April at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Stændertorvet 3D, DK-4000 Roskilde, Denmark. 


CFA Berlin

Contemporary Fine Arts is pleased to present the exhibitions of Thomas Kiesewetter and Norbert Schwontkowski in Berlin. 

Norbert Schwontkowski staged in his paintings mostly short stories, which are showing different, melancholic moods. Again and again, fascinated by the undefined, vague landscapes where the viewer can only guess where you can find the protagonists in the image. 

Thomas Kiesewetter presents in the current exhibition two large-scale sculptures made of polished stainless steel. The sculptures are made up of various geometric shapes, which were bound together randomly. 

October 8 - November 5, 2011

Contemporary Fine Arts Berlin
Am Kupfergraben 10
10117 Berlin 



A fascinating experiment with space

The exhibit “RAPPORT. Experimentelle Raumstrukturen.” (‘Repeat Pattern. Experimental Spatial Structures’) offers new insights into Jürgen Mayer H.'s interdisciplinary mindset and his approach to design. His team developed a walkable installation for the 10-metre-high lobby at the Berlinische Galerie.

The walls and floor are fitted with carpet printed with black & green data backup patterns. The highly magnified repeat pattern creates a kind of ‘continuous flicker’, the lobby is transformed into an interesting scenario  composed of shapes and structures that flow into and away from each other.  

The perfectly sized 800 m2 carpet from Vorwerk acts as a fundamental element of the spatial architecture thereby. Visitors explore, sense and grasp the space via the carpet. 

photos by Ludger Paffrath, Berlin 

From the 16th of September, 2011 to the 9th of April, 2012 at Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstrasse 124-128, 10969 Berlin. Daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Tuesdays. 


Transmission 1

Raf Simons, famous for his eponymous menswear label and his work as head designer at Jil Sander, recently curated the project AVANT/GARDE DIARIES Berlin, during the three-day festival Transmission 1. Not only because of his work and his collections, but also for his choice of music, his unique vision and the artists he is working with, he sets himself apart as one of the most talented people of our generation. The idea of the festival initiated by Mercedes-Benz, was to invite the international avant-garde as well as the general public and offer a creative platform for the discussion of social and contemporary issues relating to art, fashion, music, culture and the automobile.

Transmission 1 was presented in Berlin's Congress Hall (BCC), a striking example of Herman Henselmann's post-war architectural work that sets itself apart through transparency, clear forms and interesting details. The showcase included a performance by Scottish dancer and choreographer Michael Clark who,  together with his company, performed one of his famous pieces to the music of David Bowie.

Dutch artist Germaine Krup showed two gigantic art installations, converting a space into a stage on which the visitor becomes an actor. The program also included work art director Peter Saville, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, writer Jo-Ann Furniss and performances by electro rock band Goose and These New Puritans. Cinema-lovers could watch some of Raf’s favorite movies during the three-day festival, including one of Zoo Magazine's favorites: Christiane F. – Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo.


The Pain of Desire

Known for her refreshing and alternative approach on fashion photography for leading publications around the world, British artist Wendy Bevan will exhibit an entirely new collection of painterly femme fatales in her first UK solo show, opening on June 16th at Cob Gallery, Camden.

Entitled The Pain of Desire, the exhibition will explore the theatricality of female desire, and the inner pain suffered through the pursuit of prescribed and aspirational notions of identity and success. At once beautiful yet haunting, nostalgic yet timeless, Bevan’s surreal staged moments are captured on Polaroid. Each hand-printed, Bevan’s intimate, otherworldly studies of mysterious female characters will be displayed in found, antique frames sourced by the artist, the frame an extension of the piece.


Gestalten Space

Committed to put out work that pushes contemporary creative expression to new frontiers, Gestalten published over 400 books that embody the zeitgeist and anticipate vital design movements, thereby serving up cutting-edge creativity for design aficionados. In addition to that, Gestalten now openend Gestalten Space, an expansive, multifaceted, 350 square-meter space located in the heart of Berlin-Mitte, incorporating both shop and gallery to present exhibitions and a platform for exchange.

A selection of recent books from their comprehensive collection, as well as coveted, hard-to-find archive titles will be on sale alongside designer toys and a striking selection of handpicked products by designers, presented through their publications.

For their opening show, Gestalten Space presents Cutters Edges, assembled by American artist and curator James Gallagher. Bringing together over 50 international artists and showcasing more than 160 works, Cutters Edges illustrates the range and depth of inspiring work, celebrating a new heyday of contemporary collage.

Sophienstraße 21
10178 Berlin


Rotor presents Ex limbo

Ex limbo, the project presented by Rotor at the Fondazione Prada in Milan, is an investigation of the architectural and scenographic elements realized for the fashion show sets designed by Prada and OMA for more than a decade. After being used, they returned to a status of raw materials and were placed in storage at different locations. The starting point of this project is a curiosity for the materials used, the reasons why they have been conserved, and how this was practically managed.

Rotor’s work consists in bringing forth the ‘remnants’ of a world that after a moment of meaningful splendor is discarded and put in limbo, inviting a second look at the forgotten. The Fogazzaro exhibition space hosts a labyrinth of elements that bear witness, simultaneously, to the amount of work involved in producing each fashion show, and to the silent existence of its materialization beyond the event: ex limbo.

April 13th - June 5th, 2011
Fondazione Prada
via Fogazzaro 36


Ilias Ernst

While finishing his studies of Product Design and Engineering, Ernst Koning is already realizing his own work. His interior design products capture attention as they are surprising and beautiful but also functional and ready for production at the same time. 

“Make the world a more beautiful place with my designs and surprise people with them” is Ernst's mission and the motivation to move on with the company ILIAS ERNST that he just founded. 

For him, interior design is an art form. Ernst tries to put his inspiration that he gets from his environment and experiences in daily life into a wider conext. When he looks at a nail, he transfers this simple product into a new one with a completely different use. To stick to the example of the nail, the result is the lamp nail cloud



Isaac Julien - Mazu, Turning
(Ten Thousand Waves)

and the Bass Museum of Art have announced a three-year partnership as part of the launch of the Creative Caribbean Network, an initiative dedicated to promoting the work of Caribbean artists. 

Isaac Julien, Stefano Tonchi
and Jochen Zeitz
© Alex Markow,

To launch the initiative, the Bass Museum of Art and PUMA.Creative to present a solo exhibition of work by the celebrated artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien in a project entitled Isaac Julien/ Creative Caribbean Network. Presented from December 2nd, 2010 through March 6th, 2011, this exhibition will open to the public concurrent to Art Basel Miami Beach


Lonely Fruit

Lonely Fuit
A solo exhibition with Alastair Philip Wiper

Opening Thursday, November 18th from 18:00 hrs - open end.

SOTO Berlin
Torstr. 72
10119 Berlin


COS Frieze Film

COS marks its partnership with Frieze Art Fair with an art concept film. Produced by the highly acclaimed and recently awarded film writer and director Karan Kandhari, the project visualises the special connection between COS and the art world.

Kandhari’s initial inspiration for the film being the COS Fall/Winter 2010 collection and COS’ instinctive, organic relationship with the arts. “It has been a fun experience to develop the concept as COS has encouraged creative freedom allowing me to put my stamp on the piece,” says Kandhari.

Watch the COS Frieze film here.



STROKE.03 in Berlin
October 7th - 10th

Luckenwalder Strasse 4-6
10963 Berlin


Bottega Veneta and SCoP: when fashion supports art

Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta’s creative director, has never hid his passion for art, making it a proper flagship of the Venetian brand’s attitude. Bottega Veneta showed for the first time its strong commitment to art and culture in 2001, when Maier introduced the “Art of Collaboration”: an ongoing project which invites photographers and visual artists in order to reflect brand’s aesthetic inside its campaigns.

This year the brand confirms its ever-lasting addiction to art, partnering with the Shanghai Centre of Photography in order to support four key international exhibitions hold at the most prestigious photography institute in China. SCoP is indeed considered worldwide the city’s very first place entirely dedicated to photography showcasing its best and diverse genres.

“Made in Germany: German photography from the 19th century to today” will be the first exhibition supported by Bottega Veneta. The projects will comprises an unparalleled selection of iconic masterpieces that together with contemporary examples will give an up-to-date and fresh touch to the entire exhibition.

The exhibition will run until April 2nd 2017


Ingrid Baars – Bloom! exhibition

Dutch visual artist Ingrid Baars has opened her third solo exhibition “Bloom!” at the Rademakers Gallery in Amsterdam. The exhibition represents her on going project “L’Afrique!”, influenced by the diversity in African culture. Through Baars’ primary photoshoot and photo manipulation techniques, objects of African culture heritage, African woman and dress are visualized in a surreal yet beautifully executed manner across the gallery.

“Bloom!” will be on display until November 20th 2016.


Helmut Newton exhibition at FOAM

Mark next Friday in your diaries, as you’ll be able to see and enjoy the wonderful work of legendary photographer Helmut Newton in FOAM. The German-Australian artist started working on his photography passion in the 1950s, but a career didn’t take off until 2 decades later when he started shooting for the French Vogue. As the 70s was a new age of female independence and freedom of sexual expression, Newton incorporated the independent woman in his work. He worked closely with designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and CHANEL’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld, who also strived towards a modern, empowered femme. The exhibition Helmut Newton – A Retrospective at the FOAM Photography Museum in Amsterdam will run from the 17th of June up until the 4th of September, an art-enthusiasts idea of a perfect summer.


Miron Zownir’s Shots Of The City Sidelines At Hamburg’s House Of Photography

The city has served an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many an artist, but few have managed to capture it quite like Miron Zownir, for all its raw impulses and capability of fostering superb loneliness amidst a sea of people. For over thirty years, Zownir has been baring a side of society some would rather not see, portraying the seemingly parallel worlds of outsiders – those resigned to the fringes of society for their idiosyncrasies, aberrant behaviour, or merely ceding to the so-called dark desires of the human psyche. And Zownir does not merely expose them; his subjects seem to forbear the flatness of the photograph, pervading every inch of the frame with an intensity of emotion, whether that be pain, passion, defiance or downright decadence. In black and white, his sidelined subjects are afforded the poignancy they deserve, proximately framed and charged with truth. Berlin, London and the cities of a post-communist Eastern Europe provided fertile ground for Zownir’s uncensored stare, but it is his spirited renderings of the seditious New York sidelines which form the focus of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg’s latest exhibition, SCHLES SILVERTHORNE ZOWNIR.

Curated by Ingo Taubhorn, the collection calls together three figureheads of their field, each of whom have overthrown our consciousness with their radical experience of an urban underworld; in the House of Photography, Ken Schles, Jeffrey Silverthorne and Miron Zownir express with remarkable richness the subcultures of the city, its delights and dangers offered up as equally delectable symptoms of a life well-lived, albeit, ever resigned to the shadows, until now….

will be on display at the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen Hamburg, from May 5th – August 7th 2016.


Saatchi Gallery/Deutsche Bank Art Prize for Schools

Untitled by Praise Jeong, 17 years, Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Australia

To be fair, the closest that art and finance might have come to this day would be random paintings hanging in a bank accountant’s office. London’s Saatchi Gallery and global finance giant Deutsche Bank are about to change that. Their collaborative “Art Prize for Schools” enables and rewards international students to pursue their artistic endeavors. With a prize money ranging from 10.000 pound for the overall winning school and 2.000 for the single pupil, surely not only the creative challenge will get students going. Through the reward, Saatchi and Deutsche Bank urge schools to purchase appropriate computer, print and design material to secure that pupils can create their artwork in the best way possible. For the Deutsche Bank, this plan is part of a bigger picture: reducing youth unemployment by diminishing the problems at their very base. With Saatchi Gallery, one of London’s most renowned and high profile galleries on the pad, they certainly stand a good chance to spread out a high-end artistic message. Maybe, in a few years time, the pictures hanging in the bank accountant’s office won’t be so random anymore. Today, its creator might just be headed for the next lesson.

A free exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery will feature artworks from 20 shortlisted students from March 3-9, 2016.

A Working Man by Alyssa Diaz, 16 years, Edinburgh High School

Glitch by Edward Lamer, 18 years, Norwich School


The Art of Deception: Heart Transplants Restyled

To this day, many, many things have been manipulated for aesthetic purposes. In fact, we’re running out of the things that haven’t. Still, organ transplants come in quite unexpected on this list. For their latest project, “The Art of Deception”, designer Isaac Monté and university professor Toby Kiers have teamed up to discover how we can manipulate our bodies in the future – aesthetically and medically. As a part of the “Body of Matter” exhibit in MU Eindhoven, 21 manipulated organ transplants are on display. The transplants were made from discarded animal hearts and have been resurrected through the process of “decellularization”. After being stripped of its cellular contents, during this process the heart becomes a “blank page” to be repopulated by new human cells. The team around Monté and Kiers did not hold back: fluorescent colors, tattoos and even brand logos are now more “in our hearts” than ever. With this project, the duo seeks to explore how humans use deception to reach perfection in society, science and art. The hearts are on display until February 7.

Copzright Atelier Monté 2015


Milan’s Fondazione Prada Presents “Recto Verso” Exhibition

Organized by the Fondazione Prada Thought council, i.e. Shumon Basar, Elvira Dyangani Ose, Cédric Libert and Dieter Roelstraete, this exhibition involves the work from artists over two centuries. In an exploration opposing the Western art tradition of perceiving paintings as frontal (“recto”) artifacts rather than back (“verso”), meaning that the front carries more cultural value, this collection of works reverse this system. For instance, Sarah Charlesworth uses double-exposure photography to emphasize the presented object’s structural properties, whereas Pierre Toby uses glass as his canvas to reveal the back of the painting. Other works in the exhibition incorporate the “trompe-l’œil” technique, bringing focus to the frame rather than the image, whilst Pierre Buraglio and Daniel Dezeuze skip the entire picture plane and leave only support material. Other works in the gallery continue with these themes of reverse and reveal.

“Recto Verso” is on exhibition in the Fondazione Prada Nord Gallery, Milan, from December 3, 2015, to February 14, 2016.


Bryan Adams Wins Bronze at Lead Awards 2015

We at ZOO Magazine are thrilled to announce that Bryan Adams has been awarded with the Lead Awards 2015 bronze medal!

This is for his 2014 portraiture series of the infamous Helmut Berger, who graced the pages of ZOO in issue number 43. when he allowed Adams to step into his life for a day.

What resulted from this opportunity was an intimate series portraying his enigmatic, larger-than-life personality that became highly critically acclaimed.

Now Germany’s most prestigious photography award ceremony, the Lead Awards 2015, was held last night when the news of his win was announced.


BMW Tate Live 2015 Talks: Staging Situations: Art and Theatre

In an exploration between the relationship of art and theatre, Tate Modern presents a varied program of events as part of this year’s BMW Tate Live 2015 Talks. An ongoing partnership for four years now, the BMW Tate Live brings focus to innovative performances with interdisciplinary art, digitalized spaces, seminars and workshops.

Inspired by the performance “BMW Tate Live: Paulina Olowska The Mother An Unsavoury Play in Two Acts and an Epilogue”, artists, curators, actors, theatre directors and writers come together to offer the public a chance to engage in the day’s events. Events in this year’s series include “Absence and Hope", led by theatre maker Rachel Mars, whilst the visual artist Kate Tiernan and theatre director Katie Mitchell lead “Rehearsal: Words and Gestures”, a workshop exploring body language as communication. Using the gallery as a stage for live performances, speeches, choreography and dramatizations, this really is a unique way to get involved.

The "BMW Tate Live 2015 Talks: Staging Situations: Art and Theatre" events occur on 31 October, 2015, from 11.00-22.00 at the Tate Modern, London.


Gagosian Gallery presents Urs Fischer: Fountains

Artist Urs Fischer (b.1973) is in constant search of sculptural solution, envisaging and producing objects undergoing psychic transformation in an extraordinary number of materials, whilst injecting his own, sardonic sense of humor into his works.

The current collection is based around functional fountains, or “active sculptures”, transforms galleries into humid and animated places. After being built from hand-made clay models, lumpen fountains are cast in bronze, with one taking the formation of a flowing garden hose pipe draped over a human skeleton, which is arched across a chair… Needless to say, this is an example of Fischer’s lexicon of darkly humorous “vanitas”.

Obscure paintings surround the fountains inside the galleries, with a dramatically abstracted photographic image of Fischer’s own face as each one’s background. These images contrast representational systems with different cosmic orders.

Urs Fischer: Fountains will exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery, Los Angeles, until October 17, 2015.


Schinkel Pavillion Host Solo Paul McCarthy Exhibition

As part of Berlin Art Week, US-American artist Paul McCarthy opens the Schinkel Pavillion’s new season with his confrontational, engaging current exhibition. Based on action and reaction, the viewer has no choice but to be included directly in the exhibition. Primarily concerning himself with life and death, waking and sleeping, presence and illusion, McCarthy uses the human body as a point of reference.

“Horizontal” (2012) is at the centre of the exhibition and is a synthetic, lifeless replica of McCarthy’s naked body. This feature signals the existential, the obsessive and the voyeuristic, whilst a special extended exhibition space of the Schinkel Pavillion hosts McCarthy’s sculptural video installation “That Girl T.G. Drawing Table – Drawing” (2011-2013).

In support of the Schinkel Pavilion, Paul McCarthy will also donate an artwork to the Schinkel Pavilion e.V., to be sold at a benefit auction on October 17, 2015, along with 52 other artists at Christie’s in London. Paul McCarthy’s solo exhibition runs from September 12 to November 11, 2015.


Dismaland: A Place Where Dreams Don’t Dome True

It was over the weekend that the British street artist Banksy opened the gates to his bleak antithesis to Disneyland. Located in an abandoned swimming pool in Weston-Super-Mare, England, the adults theme park is packed with dark humour and political innuendos.

Upon entering, you are immediately searched for weapons and given a brisk pat down. In the park, sullen workers loiter about, wearing bunny ears and holding balloons captioned “I am an Imbecile”. Ponds brim with dead bodies and toy boats overcrowded with refugees, whilst another highlight includes a Cinderalla crash scene surrounded by Paparazzis.

Scattering the walls are Banksys’ street artworks, whilst he also enlists the help of 52 other artists, such as Damien Hirst and Jimmy Cauty.

“Dismaland” will be open for 36 days, until 27 September 2015.


We Want More: 21st Century Music Photography

Currently shown at the Photographer’s Gallery in London (17 July – 20 September), We Want More studies the changing dynamic between “image-making and music in the 21st century”.

Unlike previous times, both the photographer and musician are no longer constrained by briefs given by particular publications. Instead they are freer to realize their own creative visions in the resulting images.

Curator Diane Smythe displays a range of energetic images, from Ewen Spencer’s Ayia Napa ravers to Katy Perry impersonating royalty, as shot by Ryan Enn Hughes.

Pictured above is a still from Roger Ballens’ series of alternative South African group Die Antwoord, from their iconic “Fink U Freeky” music video, which also features in the exhibition.  Notably, Die Antwoord actually sought out Ballen to direct this for them, as they believed that he specifically could understand the vision they wanted to create.


Nude Animal Cigar – Paul Kooiker

Commissioned by the Fotomuseum in The Hague, Dutch artist Paul Kooiker will present his distinctive photographs at Gallery Kromus + Zink in Berlin. Kooiker’s ouvre is certainly not avoidant of the one-object focus. In fact, his ability to highlight objects, animals and the female form often evoke a lingering, curious gaze. Nude Animal Cigar is no different. Using sepia filtered hues, lit cigars, contorted torsos and animals are exhibited side by side. Unsettling perhaps - yet simultaneously captivating.

The photographs can at times seem like an invasion of privacy, a snapshot taken of those unaware. Kooiker is no stranger to this use of ambiguity, often utilizing provoking compositions in order to deconstruct and depersonalize female bodies. Perhaps part art social critique and part post-war cultural satire; Kooiker undeniably achieves a raise of the eyebrow.

The exhibition Nude Animal Cigar will run from June 13 until July 25, 2015 at Gallery Kromus + Zink in Berlin (Linienstraße 23).  

Read more about Nude Animal Cigar in ZOO Nr. 47 – out now.


Amsterdam Tribal Art Fair 2015

The weekend of Saturday the 16th to Sunday the 17th marks the fourth installment of The Amsterdam Trail, a celebration and appreciation of the historic and contemporary influence and relevance of tribal art. Contemporary artists will be exhibiting in galleries specialized in ethnographic and Asiatic art scattered along the specified trail. Among majestic African masks, New Guinean shields and Tibetan daggers, contemporary photos, videos, jewelry and sculptures inspired by ethnographic and Asiatic aesthetics will be exhibited.

Ethnographic objects have inspired the art world since the beginning of the 20th century. Artists such as Picasso, Man Ray and Modigliani are but a few artists greatly inspired by such objects. Contemporary artists are continuously looking to the masters from Africa, Asia and South America for inspiration. Some are passionate collectors of ethnographica - others are simply inspired by the intensity and deep cultural affiliations of tribal art.

For this years’ trail, the artist Folkert de Jong has created new pieces, which will be exhibited amongst objects originating from Oceania in Gallery Lemaire. Amongst others, Vincent Vulsna examines the appropriation of other cultures by the west and this problematization in his work, which will be exhibited in the Amstelkerk and Tatjana J. van Vark will demonstrate her creations on Saturday, May 16th and will give a talk about her work in the Michel Thieme gallery.

For more information about the Trail, go to


Tim Richmond's Last Best Hiding Place

The personal and contemporary odyssey through a landscape of filmic references – Tim Richmond’s Last Best Hiding Place reveals stories true or imagined, photographed over seven years throughout the American West.

A Montanan expression for “living under the radar”, the book’s title references the often haunting and melancholic atmosphere over a breadth of western states. Including images from the states of Wyoming, Montana, Utah and South Dakota, his subjects range from tattooed waitresses to the vast expanses of iconic railway.

Internationally acclaimed and widely published, the British Richmond’s prints have made their way into many a private collection. His departure towards a near ethnographic exploration of the American social and natural landscape encapsulates the cultural complexities and fascinations of stereotype.

The book will be available in a special edition of 100 copies, and a collector’s edition of 10, both signed and with a numbered certificate.

Book launch: Grimaldi Gavin, London, 23. June 2015
Available Europe: May / UK: June / USA: November 2015


Bally Celebrates Modernist Design

Chinese artist Wang Yuyang was invited by Bally to create Equip, an original art piece inspired by a demountable house that was designed by Jean Prouvé in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret. This innovative piece is being showcased at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, which will be open from March 27th until March 30th, 2015. The exhibition celebrates modernity and innovation, which was always expected from Jean Prouvé and Pierre Jeanneret.


Alles Maskerade at Museum Villa Rot

'Alles Maskerade', a collective exhibit presented by the Museum Villa Rot (Burgrieden, Germany), explores the concepts of masquerade and carnival within the framework of contemporary art. The act of dressing up can be interpreted in many different ways, and can have just as many meanings. But how do masquerades hold up to their cultural value in the postmodern media age? And what impact do they have on contemporary art?

The showcase is part of a larger exhibition project, created in collaboration with the MEWO Kunsthalle and curated by Stefanie Dathe (Museum Villa Rot) and Axel Lapp (MEWO Kunsthalle).

The exhibit will feature the works of the following artists: Axel Hoedt, Phyllis Galembo, Kristof Georgen, Fergus Greer, Imme van der Haak, Thomas Hörl, Klaus Pichler, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Jacqui Stockdale, Jean Tinguely, Urban Camouflage and Miguel Walch.

Alles Maskerade: 16 November, 2014 – 22 February, 2015. Burgrieden, Germany.

All images via Axel Hoedt's


Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven Exhibition

Showcasing at the Zeno X Gallery in Antwerp, Belgian artist Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven displays her latest exhibition entitled ‘3 Carrels’. The artist, who has worked in the industry from the eighties is known for the straightforward female tone present in all of her work and has had numerous successful solo exhibitions. Represented by the Zeno X Gallery,
Anne-Mie’s worked focuses on the erotic meeting machine-fetishism and combines her talents as a painter, drawer, computer and video artist to produce compelling and distinct art. The exhibition opens on 3rd September and continues until 18th October 2014.


MYKITA & Mark Borthwick Art Edition

Eyewear fashion brand MYKITA and experimental British photographer Mark Borthwick have collaborated on the MYKITA 2014 campaign entitled ‘Out of this World’.

Set beside the black beaches and volcanic cliffs around the island of Lanzarote, the campaign depicts friends, family and models gathered serenely on the island sporting the chic eyewear. Shot against an otherworldly and tranquil background, Borthwick uses his twenty-five-year old analogue Leica camera to capture minimalist yet enticing scenes that use prism-like colour effects to illustrate the unique surrounding nature as well as the eyewear.  

Receiving an avant-garde fashion photography award in the nineties, Borthwick is well known as a photographer, filmmaker and musician and has collaborated with Mike Mills, Chan Marshal and Chloe Sevigny.  

The campaign will be published as an art edition photo book with a limited art edition print signed and numbered by the artist.


Marco Brambilla Creation (Megaplex)

The re-contextualization of century old histories by drawing from an array of pop-culture sources is at the center of Marco Brambilla's oeuvre. He once again showcases his deep insight in his Megaplex series of works, in which he continues to investigate our relationship to the concept of spectacle as presented in contemporary film.

Creation (Megaplex) marks the final chapter of a trilogy of 3D video collages which began with Civilization (Megaplex) in 2008 and continued with Evolution (Megaplex) in 2010. Presenting a spectacular cinematic composition that culls from a vast archive of iconic Hollywood films, this instalment will feature large-scale 3D video installations and digital collage

In the exhibition, Brambilla uses digitally assembled images that generate a hyper-realistic landscape of clouds, meadows and burning cityscapes, against which humanity oscillates between a frenzied production and consumption of its own creation. With each cycle of the work, Brambilla’s video engulfs viewers in an overload of imagery almost impossible to sustain, while offering them a specific perception of Hollywood - which it both celebrates and satirizes.

Also presented is a new body of work that contrasts with the super-saturated digital collages of the Megaplex Trilogy; these works focus on a single image, transforming its original presentation and context. The four pieces on view consist of The Searchers 1956, King Kong 1976, The Shining 1980 and Superman 1978, each presenting an iconic film scene played out in full, but only after being returned to its physical analogue source as celluloid.  

The film image is then distressed through a photochemical process to the point of near-abstraction and re-presented as a modulated slow-motion loop. The abstracted but nevertheless familiar moment taps into our collective consciousness; observing a medium on the verge of extinction, an drawing a parallel between the ephemeral quality of celluloid and imagery associated with the “golden age” of cinema.

Brambilla’s work has been exhibited extensively at world renowned international institutions and his 3D Megaplex Trilogy is currently on view at Borusan Contemporary in Istanbul, Turkey. Living and working in New York, this is Brambilla’s first solo exhibition at Michael Fuchs Galerie.

The exhibition will run from May 2nd until May 31st until 2014 at Michael Fuchs Galerie, Auguststraße 11-13, 10117 Berlin.


Mark Manders Exhibition

Self-portaits assume a peculiar form under the conceptual eye of Mark Manders, the Dutch artist who, since 1986, has worked to his pioneering discipline of 'self-portrait as a building'. As a mission statement, it sounds nonsensical – abstract, at the very least – but the realised articles bear a surprisingly sensible rationale.

Coarsely-crafted clay sculptures fracture faces with remnants of construction; features peep beneath wooden verticals and piled concrete, while nailed timber beams double as atypical plinths for busts to sit. In each piece he creates, Manders is always acutely aware of the moral of his story: that rational construction cannot conceivably contain the sovereign forms inside. Mighty forms chap and crumble with dust – the fragile failure of mythological's fight against the mundane.

The Mark Manders Solo Exhibition runs from April 23rd – May 31st 2014 at the Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp.


Massimo Iosa Ghini at Salone del Mobile 2014

Architect and designer Massimo Iosa Ghini will exhibit his vision about living and interior places at Salone del Mobile 2014. Separated into various sections depicting items from varying parts of everyday life, the exhibition displays stylish and sleek design products destined for domestic use. With a mission to “combine beauty and quality for everyday use” Massimo Iosa Ghini presents a sophisticated and chic approach to modern furniture and the household aesthetic.

Produced largely from wood and leather, the five piece collection comprises of unique and high quality items. ‘Pearl’ an intriguing and modern dark wood bookcase that adapts to any environment showcases Massimo’s attractive fusion of the classic and the contemporary. He continues the theme of modernity with ‘Kabina’ a modular closet with a backlighting system of the fund, displaying an elegant yet soothing closet design.

Graduating from Polytechnic of Milan, Massimo Iosa Ghini has been a household name in Italian design and architecture since 1985 and continues to illustrate the beauty of architecture through his alluring and classic designs.


Zeno X Gallery 'Tropical Nights'

Photo: Jens Ziehe

Zeno X Gallery opens the year 2014 with an exclusive exhibition entitled 'Tropical Nights‘ by Johannes Kahrs and American painter Susan Hartnett. Born in 1965, Berlin-based Johannes Kahrs‘s diffuse paintings often refer to depictions of lust, excess, pain and violence. By manipulating found imagery garnered from newspaper articles, photographs and film, he creates a dark strong and meaningful atmosphere. His main figurs get inolved in mysterious and dramatic scenarios colliding with reality and ficiton. Susan Hartnett's work speaks natural poems of botanical spaces and nature and shows grass landscapes, fields, and dune grasses all drawn with charcoal or pastels.

'Tropical Nights' will open on Sunday, the 19th of January at Zeno X Gallery, Godtsstraat 15, Antwerpen and will be on from January 22 till February 22, 2014.

Photo: Peter Cox


Pierre Huyghe's Retrospective

The prestigious Centre Pompidou is de- voting an exclusive retrospective exhibition to important artist Pierre Huyghe. Being a major figure in the international con- temporary art scene for over 20 years now, Huyghe is mostly known for constructing -often surrealistic- situations, that take place in the observer's own reality. 'I'm interested in the vital aspect of things, in the way an idea, an artefact or a language can flow into contingent, biological, mineral and physical reality', says the french visual artist, who was born in 1962 in Paris. In the 90ies Pierre Huyghe primarily used to be noticed as a video artist, who thematically dealed with the deconstruction of cinema history. In films such as 'DUBBING' (1996) he deals with the different levels of reality movies that are visible, for example, the synchronization or changing the social context.

In the recent few years his creative period transformed into a new creative direction of experimental art - performance and installation projects, embodying the spirit of ingenuity for his enviroments. In 2002, he has been named the recipient of the HUGO BOSS PRIZE 2002, an international highly-regarded award. Since than his work has been presented in numerous outstanding solo exhibitions and represented in notable group exhibitions.

Besides ten installations that never been exposed before in public, Emma Lavigne -curator of the exhibition- has gathered around 50 works of Huyghe, incluiding 'L'EXPÉDITION SCINTILLANTE, A MUSICAL' (2002), 'STREAMSIDE DAY' (2003), various known settings of previous exhibitions, that she is showcasing at the Centre Pompidou. A greyhound dog with a pink leg named 'Human', that was part of the project 'Untitled', at the Documenta 13 in Kassel, next to a sculpture of a lying woman with a beehive on her head. Furthermore, the surrealistic aquarium of Zoodram 4, in which rocks are floating on the surface of the water and a crab has found his home in the copy of a Constantin Brâncusi sculpture.

As Pierre Huyghe is a great master in staging atmospheres and moods, where art and nature collide into each other, the on-going retrospective at the French métropole Paris, provides a comprehensive panorama of his practice and research which spread over the past two decades. The show aims to emphasize the live and organic dimension of the artist's propositions. The exhibition space is conceived as a world in itself, a small cosmos, in which the visitor delves into.

The exhibition is on until the 6th of January 2014 at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


Robert Mapplethorpe in Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac

Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac on the occasion of it's 30th anniversary showcases an exclusive exhibition of works by renowned American photographer Robert Mapplethorpe curated by Isabelle Huppert. The selection includes a noticeable extract of Robert Mapplethorpe's legendary black and white images adorning the Villa Kast in Salzburg. French actress Isabelle Huppert got free access to resources of the The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation choosing a selection of unexplored, yet memorable photographs. Her own choice of mixing emblematic photos with snapshots, deep-strong portraits and still lifes capture gentleness and make this selection appear like a mysterious poem.

Robert Mapplethorpe was born in 1946 as the third of six children in a Catholic working-class family in Floral Park, Queens, New York City. He studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he first shot photos with a Polaroid camera taking photos of his friend, love and muse Patti Smith and other important figures of the New York Underground scene. After a while he delved into homoerotic SM sensation motives that later on became much sought-after in the world of photography. Robert Mapplethorpe died in on the consequences of his HIV infection in 1989.

The exhibition is on until 26 October 2013 at the Villa Kast, Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, in Salzburg, Austria.


'The Lost Boys' by Joost Vandebrug

Destitution runs far deeper than the streets in Bucharest. In a state seemingly void of government structures and social care, the dispossessed youth of Romania find themselves caught off course under its negligent eye, seeking refuge in the turbulent veins of the city: the tunnels. Their inhabitants are The Lost Boys – a third-generation product of the homelessness born of the fall of communism. Costel, Nico, Stefan and Liviu are four of an approximate thousand child vagrants burrowing in the passageways of the capital, together with their many dogs, self-medication and unreserved allegiance to one another.

It was in early 2011 that photographer and filmmaker, Joost Vandebrug, first began to document the lives of the friends amidst what appears to be an entirely alien social landscape. What started with a few fleeting snapshots, a visceral language was nurtured between artist and subject; Vandebrug, showing his first few photographs to Costel, was welcomed deeper and deeper to the nucleus of the group, afforded an unprecedented viewpoint to a gang of parentless children who, as one might expect, find ways of escapism in hardship’s shadow. While orphanages, drug abuse, confrontation with addicts and the law are not alien encounters to The Lost Boys, what shines through most tenderly is their wholehearted sense of camaraderie.

But there is a darker reason why Vandebrug wants to share this story: upon his last visit, Nico was visibly dangerously ill, appearing to have lost half his body weight since the last time they had met. Vandebrug took him to the hospital. Nico – only fifteen – was diagnosed with AIDS. Not only that, but with a CD4 count of 2 cells/mm3 – exceptionally low, when a count fewer than 200 cells/mm3 defines the condition. Over the two and a half years that Vandebrug has been documenting The Lost Boys, he has accumulated thousands of images and hours of film footage, valuable to the portrayal of this touching story. With the partnership of DUST Magazine, the next step of the project is publication. Via the initiative Kickstarter, supporters of the project are able to back its funding, urging the printing of the book, entitled ‘Cinci Lei’, well within reach. Backers generously fund the venture with pledged contributions large or small, all
serving to scale a £10,000 goal by October 25th, covering production costs and thereafter revenue from sales as well as any excess from the total raised will flow straight to The Lost Boys.



Warsteiner Art Collection

Ever since Andy Warhol was commissioned to paint the Brewery’s now iconic Tulip glass in 1984, Warsteiner has nurtured its deep-rooted links with the art world, igniting imagination through its countless collaborations. Now subjecting itself to yet more creativity, the Warsteiner bottles will serve as the blank canvas to the hands of six urban artists; Stefan Strumbel, Aaron De La Cruz, Brooke Reidt, Nychos, INSA and French graffiti crew 123Klan will all hit the bottle in the name of the Warsteiner Art Collection, launching this month in a showroom at the former department store in Berlin Jandof. Works by the six artists will be shown alongside the exclusive editions, open to the public between August 25th-27th. Though the exhibition is not the only opportunity to be part of the project – ‘The Bottle 7’ is waiting to be hijacked by frustrated artists and aspiring designers worldwide via the Facebook app, through which creatives can craft and submit designs, in the hope that it will grace the covetable 7th Bottle, ingrained into a history that includes Warhol and other such greats.

The Limited Edition Warsteiner Art Collection will be available regionally from September.


Altered by Betty Tompkins

When Betty Tompkins traced the initial concept of her work in the early 1970s, it was impossible to envisage the significance they would harbour under the untested surroundings of the years to come. Whether her impertinently painted sexual portrayals would fall redundant divorced from the intensity of feminism's first wave could well have proved to prosper. Forty years later and with the advent of asserted sexuality in the age of the internet, the ideas and execution of Tompkins' photo-realist artworks have arguably become more relevant than ever.

Specially curated for The Obscure Ledger, Tompkins presents an 11-piece series of collages and altered photographs, dating from the '70s heyday of the feminist art movement to the current day. Collages snatch an emancipated sensuality from the decade in which they were created, shown alongside the notorious photo, Ellensburg WA. More recent work also finds itself in place; a censored grid photo from 2008 sits side by side with four brand new pieces, barefaced as ever with their explicit intonation and deadpan delivery.


Mariko Mori X Madame Butterfly

Designing the sets and costumes for a special adaptation of Madame Butterfly is contemporary Japanese artist, Mariko Mori. Renowned for her conceptual work, the internationally acclaimed artist will work to produce a visual feast, bringing the story of Madame Butterfly to life like never before; drop cybernetics and monumental water make the fascinating fixtures of Mori's retro-futuristic universe. The performance will run as part of an initiative conducted by the Venice Biennale and the Teatro La Fenice, marking a sturdy first step in the way of a developing collaboration. Madame Butterfly premiered at La Fenice last week, and will run again from October 12th-31st.


SOLAR /ANECHOIC by Alastair Philip Wiper

Artists, by tradition, have long shaped our perception of beauty. Against a catalogue of classical masterpieces, the few who appreciate form following function within their work leap out from the crowd. One such creative is Alastair Philip Wiper – a photographer whose images capture the accidental artistry of an industrial world. Habitually valued for their technological advancement, the often remarkable architecture of these facilities is seldom acknowledged. Wiper's exhibition SOLAR / ANECHOIC will challenge just this. With a collection of photographs to glorify the facilities that were only ever designed to push the limits of science, he attributes to them the sense of marvel they deserve.

Alastair Philip Wiper exhibits as part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival from June 6th – 16th at Gallery Etage Projects, with photos also on display at The Censured Exhibition, Carlsberg.


ACQUA #3 by Giorgio Armani and Jim Goldberg

The international photography fair Paris Photo is returning to L.A. this weekend. For the first time in its history the event will be held inside the space of the Paramount studios. It will last from the 26th until the 28th of April.
It's the third year that Giorgio Armani is one of the official supporters of the photography fair, showcasing his exclusive exhibition ACQUA #3. The exhibition is made up of colour and black and white photography by Jim Goldberg, capturing life in Haiti. The exhibition does not only portray the social life of people, but also focuses on the beauty of water admidst the rubble left behind by the earthquake in 2010. Be it in form of springs, rivers or the ocean, it's one of the most dominant forces in Haiti's nature. To the people, the flowing water is a source of eternal hope.

The Acqua for Life project initiated by Giorgio Armani started its activities in 2011, providing 95 million litres of drinking water for countries such as Ghana and Bolivia. This year the organization will continue to better the world by working together with Sean Penn's non-profit organization called the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. A few of the charity's goals are to improve medical care, developing housing and education facilities as well as providing food and systems to purify water, which Acqua for Life will now help to do.


Infinite Universe at Dawn by Yoko Ono

This year it's not only time to celebrate Yoko Ono's 80th birthday, but also the publication of her monograph Infinite Universe at Dawn. The book documents her career and life as an artist and she is releasing the book with Genesis Publications sometime in 2013.

While the exact release date hasn't been revealed yet, it has been agreed upon that the book will be a limited edition. With a total number of 1,500 copies Yoko Ono will sign every book and leave her signature as a mark of her authorial approval. The pages will feature all kinds of Ono's work and the book's content will not be limited to a certain form or media. It will be about her music, films and videos, photography, installations, sculptures, paintings, drawings, writing and poetry.

Her whole life she has inspired people all around the world with her ethics and artistic ideas and this book will be yet another source of inspiration. After her first collaboration with Genesis Publications, Sometime in New York City, a book telling the love story of Yoko and John Lennon, was quickly sold out, it will surely not be easy to get one's hands on this book.


David Bowie at V&A

Just in sync with the release date of David Bowie’s new album “The Next Day“, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London is opening their exhibition entitled “David Bowie is“ about the music legend. It will explore the Bowie as an influential musical innovator as well as a cultural icon. The opening of the exhibition is on the 23rd of March and it will stay open until the 11th of August.

In total the V&A’s Theatre and Performance curators, Victoria Broackes and Geoffrey Marsh, have chosen over 300 objects from the David Bowie Archive to make up the exhibition. They include fashion, photography, film, music videos, set designs, even some of Bowie’s own instruments. It is the first international retrospective of the unique career of David Bowie and will surely attract people form all around the world.
The visitors of the V&A get an exclusive insight into the work process of the artist through his never-before-seen storyboards, handwritten set lists and lyrics. Private possessions such as sketches, musical scores, diary entries reveal where his inspirationa and his creative ideas come from. Various collaborations with other artists are a main part of the exhibition as well, such as the Ziggy Stardust bodysuits designed by Freddie Burretti in 1972 or album sleeve artwork by Guy Peellaert and Edward Bell.

The V&A is located at Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL. It is open every day from 10-17.45 hrs, on Fridays even until 22 hrs.


C/O Berlin Goodbye Party in Mitte

The C/O Berlin – International Forum For Visual Dialogues, one of the city's most established and popular photography galleries is moving space. The Postfuhramt has been its location since the C/O was founded in 2000 and its unfurnished and rough charm has given a special atmosphere to all of the C/O's previous photo exhibitions. The place certainly conveys a historic feel, as if it was filled with memories from the past. Those dimly lit rooms with high ceilings and impressive old wooden door frames have been the home to exhibitions of photographers from Annie Leibovitz to Robert Mapplethorpe.

The last day to see the current exhibitions of Christer Strömholm and Ulrich Seidl is the 8th of March with the latest admission time being 19.30 hrs. To celebrate the past years of exhibitions, inspiring talks and cultural activity in the Postfuhramt, the C/O is throwing a final goodbye party on Saturday, the 9th of March. The building will be completely empty to emphazise the beautiful space even more and be host to two dancefloors, three bars and many interesting screenings. DJs of the Berlin scene will mix music live and provide the right vibes.

The party starts at 21 hrs and the entrance fee is three euros. C/O Berlin is located in the Postfuhramt at Oranienburger Straße 35/36, 10117 Berlin. In Fall 2013 the C/O is relocating to the Amerika Haus in Berlin-Charlottenburg.


Fatigues by Tacita Dean

The current exhibition at the Marian Goodman Gallery in New York shows recent drawings of the British artist Tacita Dean. The series of chalk drawings entitled Fatigues was originally created for the documenta(13), which took place in Kassel, Germany last year.

It is the artist’s return to using blackboards and chalk. The drawings show the majestic mountain peaks of the Hindu Kush as well as the glacial springs of the Kabul River and its powerful passage. The water is rushing down the stoney surfaces and coming to a rise as it swallows the melting snow. This is what happens during the floods annually making their way to to Kabul. The city’s inhabitant both welcome and fear those floods.
The drawing of the mountain range is taking up the space in the North Gallery and the flooding is in the South. Additionally Dean’s short film “The Friar’s Doodle“ from 2010 is being shown in the North Gallery Viewing Room.

The exhibition is open from 10-18 hrs Monday til Saturday. Tacita Dean’s work will be on display until the 9th of March. The Marian Goodman Gallery is located 24 West 57th Street, New York City.


Pornographia by Studio Minailo

On the 14th, 15th, and 16th of December, Studio Minailo will present Pornographia during the Babelfestival 2012 in Amsterdam. Pornographia is an experimental opera about the collective desire for direct, fast and effective fulfilment of our needs and the first part of a trilogy that reflects on modern society. In 2013, the project continues with Megalomania and Nostalgia.

The show is Created by Elena Vink, Sophie Maczewski, Burkhard Korner, Krystian Lada and Sjaron Minailo. Upstream Gallery will host two performances a day, one at 19:30 and the other at 22:00.

Below: the porn production Out in Africa that inspired Studio Minailo to create this show.

Upstream Gallery
Van Ostadestraat 294
Check out the website!




From June 6 to 10, the DMY International Design Festival Berlin ce- lebrates its 10th jubilee edition. Over 700 designers from roundly 30 nations showcase future-oriented products and prototypes in historic airport Berlin Tempelhof. For the first time, the exhibition spreads over four hangars – a complete wing. As a special highlight, DMY hosts the official German design award »Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland« in 2012 and presents all submissions and nominees from the fields of product and commu- nication design in a large-scale exhibition. Another first this year is the premiere of the »Nightshift – Long Night of Open Design Studios«: Over 50 studios throughout Berlin open their doors in the evening of June 7.

Opening Hours
Thur June 7 – Sat June 9, 10:00 – 20:00h
Sun June 10, 10:00 – 18:00h
Vernissage: Wed June 6, 20:00 – 02:00h


James Franco: Dangerous book for boys

Oscar-nominated actor, writer, and visual artist James Franco presents his latest publication, Dangerous Book Four Boys, published in conjunction with his solo show at the Clocktower Gallery curated by Alanna Heiss. The book explores themes of childhood and nostalgia, games and destruction. This dense and often diaristic survey reflects Franco's interest in the contemporary American landscape of adolescence and young adulthood.  


Life Under My Skin

Life Under My Skin - 40 portraits de tatoués by Anna Mazas 

Elin's feather by Anonymous/Reykjavik Ink, photography Nicolas Menu, Life Under My Skin

Nicolas' open book by Yann Black / Glamort Tattoo Parlor, photography by Nicolas Menu, Life Under My Skin

Diesel founder Renzo Rosso got his first tattoo at the age of 50. According to his and his company's motto, 'Only the Brave', he dared to have his initials inked onto a very prominent spot on his body – his hand. He said he “liked the idea of 'signing' one's body”, so it doesn't come as a surprise, that Diesel and Conti have collaborated to publish a special art book dedicated to inked skin. With the body as a canvas, Life Under My Skin tells the story of 40 people, 40 lifes and one way of expressing one's true identity. Today tattoos are synonymous with creativity, commitment and self-affirmation and are always a resemblance of the culture and influences that produced them.

Olli's with love by Laura Satana / Exxxotic Tattoo, photography by Anna Mazas, Life Under My Skin 


Helmut Newton Polaroids

The Berlin based Helmut Newton Foundation has been showing 'Helmut Newton Polaroids' since 10th June of last year. The exhibition has been visited by more than 70.000 visitors so far. For this reason, the exhibition will be extended until 20th Mai 2012. With more than 300 photographs, a representative overview of Newton's legendary polaroids is displayed. Since the 1970's he had used this technique excessively, especially during his fashion shoots. The reasoning behind this was, that Newton himself always wanted to know right away, how the situation would be displayed on a picture. The polaroid functions as a sketch and a light meter at the same time. 

Helmut Newton, Thierry Mugler, Monte Carlo 1998, Polaroid © Helmut Newton Estate 

Helmut Newton, Paris Match, Monte Carlo 1985, Polaroid © Helmut Newton Estate 

Helmut Newton, Stern, St. Tropez 1978, Polaroid © Helmut Newton Estate 

In 1992, Newton published an extraordinary book, solely showcasing his polaroids. The book was close to his heart, yet highly controversial. Critics had claimed, the photographs were not perfect enough. The photographer himself defended his work, by stating, that he saw the beauty in just that: The imperfection, the spontaneity. He put little handwritten notes on the polaroids - comments regarding the model, the client, the location – which makes the exhibition an intimate view into the sketch book of one of the most influential photographers of the 20th century. 

Helmut Newton Foundation, Jebensstraße 2, 10623 Berlin.



It is the first time that a bestseller book wasn't made into a film but an illustrative book. Dutch artist Joep Neefjes photographically recorded the 2002 published success and scandal roman Platform from Michel Houellebecq. 

Being inspired by each page of the book, Neefjes picturized text parts as well as units of meaning. In this process, 312 pages orginitated, which retell indeed Platform's fiction of paying homage to sex tourism and villainizing the Islam.

All photographs were therefore made on location: in the Normandy, the suburbs of Paris, Cuba and Thailand.


Stamped Objects

For over 15 years Paul Smith has been intrigued by the mysterious ‘Stamped Objects’, that he has received through the post from an unknown admirer.

The ‘Stamped Collection’ includes a large variety of everyday objects that have been stamped and posted to Paul. The objects first started arriving in the mid 90s, without packaging, from the United States. 

The stamped objects are usually housed in Paul’s office alongside the quirky curios that he has collected from around the globe. However, they have gained notoriety amongst Paul’s fans after a much celebrated exhibition at the Daelim Contemporary Art Museum which took place in Korea last year. This was the first time that the entire collection had been displayed for all to see. It was a wonderful occasion for people to share in Paul’s intrigue.  

Starting from 13th October, for the first time in Europe, a large part of Paul’s collection will be exhibited in the Paul Smith shop in Antwerp.

Paul Smith - Kelderstraat 2-3,  
2000 Antwerpen

Exhibition dates:  
13th October - 11th November 2011


Desire is WAR

From July 7th until 31st, the Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal National Museum in Romania presents the group-exhibition Desire is WAR. The exhibiton questions the social perception of queer culture in Romania, a country in which sexual morality remains under the heavy domination of religion, exaggerated discourse and facile mythologies.

Even though the degree of tolerance towards sexual minorities has increased recently, understanding, respect, and real political acceptance of minorities are far from being widespread. Therefore Desire is WAR sheds light to the problems of the queer community, its dilemmas and possible solutions of transforming gaps between heterosexual and queer norms into forms of expressions and ways of understanding cultural and sexual difference.

The exhibition showcases an eclectic range of work by artists such as Apparatus 22, Mikhail Karikis, Ioana Nemes, MEN, Ryan Trecartin and many more.


Swatch MTV Playground

Dedicated to creativity, Swatch MTV Playground, has taken the freshest, most creative aspects of fashion and music and brought them together in a series of exciting and vibrant digital conversations, which give a fascinating insight into how the two influence and interact with each other. Launched on March 22nd, Swatch MTV Playground has lined up a series of leading fashion industry figures. First is iconic fashion photographer Rankin, who shot some of the biggest names in music, fashion, film and politics such as Madonna, Jay-Z, Colin Firth and Prince William.

During May designer Alex Noble and prop and accessory maker Fred Butler, creative minds behind some of Lady Gaga's outfits will join as guest editors.

Alongside interviews with designers and artists, news, reports and exhibition preview, the site will feature the Editor's daily blog and guest editor weekly blogs

on fashion and design.


Inspiration Dior

After presenting his first collection at Avenue Montaigne on February 12th, 1947, Christian Dior entered a triumphant decade, providing women with regal bearing and a sublime look. A Dior flower-woman blossomed in the post-war era was soon to conquer the world with infinite grace.

The exhibition Inspiration Dior at the Pushkin Museum Moscow from April 28th to July 24th 2011, demonstrates how inspiration has nourished the heart of Dior for decades. This journey guides the visitor through the Dior artistic creative sources of fashion and its links to history, nature, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography and film. 

The key themes of the Dior legend – past and present – are presented on a grand scale in original fashion, set against unique works of art. It is a journey of corresponding elements and magical synergies, where the new look is echoed in works by Picasso, Modigliani, Renoir, Cezanne or even Gauguin.


It Was Once
A Paradise

For many decades now, Nobuyoshi Araki’s central themes have been sex and death. According to the 71 year old photographer they have always co-existed, depended on each other: there can be no lust for life, without the threat of death. 

The exhibition It Was Once A Paradise, that will take place in Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam from April 23rd until July 16th 2011, is an unprecedented array of stunning new work of the world famous photographer. In this as-yet-unseen collection of devastating new works by the world-famous Japanese photographer, it is not so much death he is concerned with, but grief. In each of these 40 diptychs, he addresses the complex relationship between loss and desire, which translates as despair and hope, separation and symbiosis, the internal and the other.



The paintings of Yesim Akdeniz Graf (Izmir, Turkey, 1978) can be read as mysterious stills from a film. A narrative that slowly unfolds in the successive parts of a series, but that never fully reveals itself. Akdeniz Graf derived the title and dramatic composition for her third solo exhibition at Galerie Fons Welters from the poem by Edgar Allan Poe, whose persona wanders forlorn through an October night – 'The skies they were ashen and sober; / The leaves they were crispèd and sere.' 

Yesim Akdeniz Graf

Galerie Fons Welters
March 5th until April 2nd
Opening: March 5th, 17:00 - 19:00 hrs
Opening hours: Tues - Sat, 13:00 - 18:00 hrs

Galerie Fons Welters
Bloemstraat 140
1016 LJ Amsterdam


Rock Diary

Introducing Sam Adams / Hedi Slimane Rock Diary


Hugo Boss
Prize 2010

Winner Hans-Peter Feldmann, Claus-Dietrich Lahrs / CEO and Chairman Hugo Boss

On Thursday night, November 4th, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and Hugo Boss announced that the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann is the recipient of the Hugo Boss Prize 2010. 

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

The continuity and success of Hugo Boss' support for the arts is reflected in the Hugo Boss Prize, which has now been an art world institution for 14 years. Administered by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the award was established in 1996 to recognize significant achievement in contemporary art every second year. Hans-Peter Feldmann, who will receive a stipend of USD 100,000, was selected by an international jury of museum curators and directors. A solo exhibition featuring the artist’s work will be on view at the Guggenheim Museum from May 20th through September 5th, 2011.


Stag Film

Steven Klein: Stag Film
Book release, Fall 2010

JMc & GHB Editions announce its latest publication Stag Film, by photographer Steven Klein. This is Klein’s second photographic artist book, following his 2003 collaboration with Madonna, X-STaTIC PRO-CeSS. In Stag Film Klein reproduces and sequences 60 black-and-white images culled from a larger photographic series on horse studding produced by the photographer. The process of horse studding has fascinated Klein, a well known horse enthusiast and competitor, and in Stag Film he trains his camera on the horse breeding routine involved in collecting a stallion’s semen for implanting in mares.

Stag Film is issued in an edition of 2000 copies and a limited, signed edition of 100 copies. The limited edition comes with an original, framed black & white photograph, signed by Klein. The frame is a traditional portrait frame procurable at your local department store. With it, collectors can add Klein’s horse to their extended family album. An additional deluxe edition is planned of 10 copies, with a custom box, a signed print, and a horse condom laid in.

The trade edition is priced $50.
The limited edition is priced $1250.
The deluxe edition is priced $7500.

To order copies of Stag Film, contact the gallery at +1 212-754-5626 or


The First Decade

Frank Horvat, 'Mona & Malte'

Ten years ago Designers against AIDS was born, introducing remarkable campaigns like ‘Fashion against AIDS’ in collaboration with numerous fashion companies, the best photographers, designers, pop- and rockstars and artists, who all commited to DAA’s goal to bring more awareness on HIV/AIDS, in a positive and constructive way. Creating beauty as a substitute for the negative, stigmatized image that comes with being seropositive. 

Eva Vermandel,  'Cli, After Swimming' 

Douglas Friedman, 'Jellyfish'

After this first decade there is still a lot of work to be done. Founder Ninette Murk of art collective Beauty without Irony (the parent company of DAA) was asked to translate her no-nonsense message of beauty, positivity and tolerance into a book and Designers against AIDS: The First Decade became a fact.

Ali Mahdavi, 'My Baby'

Taking you back to the ten first years of the organisation, the book highlights defining moments in the different campaigns and initiatives of DAA and shows the most beautiful pictures. Next to founder of DAA and Beauty without Irony Ninette Murk’s story, Peter Piot -former chairman of UNAIDS- and philosopher-writer Alain de Botton contribute to this book.

Publishing date: October 29th, 2010
Softcover / English / 25 x 13 cm / 160 pp. / 29.90 euro / ISBN 978-90-5544-841-8

Olaf Breuning, 'Clouds'